Thursday, November 24, 2005

over the river and thru the woodlands... mamalane's house we went.

HAPPY- you-stole-our-land-and-killed-our-people-DAY! that's the indian coming out in me. today is thanksgiving and i spent it with HM's family. it was a good one. we got to see his brother and parker-boy, who i don't see very often. he's so cute. and getting so big.

my dressing was well received. mamalane said she loved it and even kept some. i'm pretty sure she did really like it.

the highlight of my day, you ask? that would DEFINITELY have to be driving mamalane's 1965 mustang back to HM's! oooooh, it was so cool! HM says it could use a tune up but i so didn't care. I WAS DRIVING A '65 'STANG!!

we got back and went to ET's for drinks and merriment. i had a good time. we met some random people that live on the rock. i know i've seen them before, perhaps on a walk-thru on the post.

good times on turkey day.

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