Tuesday, November 22, 2005

weekend update\recap

pretty uneventful. yes, it's tuesday and i couldn't get online, for some reason, last nite.

friday - invited to a martini party. i really didn't feel like going so i stayed in and watched once upon a time in mexico, i think. did some laundry.

saturday - laundry. oh, and i watched thru season 3 of the old mtv series, daria. i didn't have cable when it was on before and only caught an episode here and there. god love the internet.

sunday - more laundry. went to the grocery store to get some dinner fixin's for my man. watched sky high. it was a cute flick. also watched family guy that's always funny, but there was this one part where brian started singing and dancing to "peanut butter jelly time" and i laughed my ass off! HM didn't think it was so funny, but i was cracking up. supposedly, it's a kids' song or something...??? anyways, today i saw the original video version of "peanut butter jelly time". you should check them both out.

i had more on my original post. yes... as uneventful as it was. i think it was more "filler" than anything else. this is the raw version. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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