Monday, November 14, 2005

wide open spaces

-dixie chicks (as if i ever listen to them)

WE FOUND A HOUSE!! not only did we FIND a house, but we BOUGHT a house! the house has everything we wanted. big open kitchen, master bedroom downstairs, gameroom upstairs, plenty of yard for the boys, and room for his cars.... on the side of the house.

the princess already has her room designed with some crazy color scheme (i think her mom smoked crack while she was pregnant). she has picked out hot pink, lime green and bright orange as her colors of choice for the bedroom she will be taking over. she has a very specific floor plan laid out and drew it all out for HM. it's something straight outta Woodstock!

HM wanted to respond w/a drawing of a crack pipe because obviously this child has been smoking, thinking he's painting all of this.

we really can't hold in our excitement! even mamalane is trying to tone herself down. she's really excited for us! hell... she's so excited, the woman is trying to put me on folic vitamins already!!! yeah, and HM thinks the princess has been smokin'...??? she wants grandbabies STAT!

as far as the weekend update\recap...

friday - HM went to look at the house. loved it. decided to make an offer. went to dinner.

saturday - HM called and said, "we got the house". me... stunned silence. was not thinking it was going to happen that fast. he mistook it for disappointment, but honestly, i was just in shock.

saturday nite - celebration dinner w/friends. we went to
mia bella and got to hang out with sir ryan. he's so good to us. i love ryan. went to a place called muldoon's afterwards and a friend of a friend expressed interest in renting HM's place. awesome!

sunday - went to see S1 and family. she made chicken & dumplings for lunch. yum. this is where i got "designs by princess" for her room. afterwards, i came home and took a nap. it was a long day already and i had to rest for the going away party later.

sunday nite - went to fannypack & sara's going away party. they're moving to florida and i wish them the best. it got a little sad, tho. everyone's moving. lil bit already moved to sugarland, sir ryan's in houston, fanny pack & sara are moving to florida, k-pooop was supposed to be moving to some far away resort place in the middle of nowhere, i'm leaving soon and i think sbw's leaving right after me. i love these people... we had some good times on "the post".

from l to r: sara, k-pooop, sbw, sam, HM, sweet t (me), lil bit, billy & fanny pack.

so that's it for the weekend. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. we move march 1.

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