Wednesday, November 23, 2005

On Thanksgiving Day we acknowledge our dependence.

~William Jennings Bryan

there's no way i would have been able to pull off the dressing if it wasn't for S1. she rawks! she came over last nite to "guide" me thru the process of making dressing. excuse me, CORNBREAD dressing. as i was told last nite, there's a difference between my dressing and "real" dressing. as if! white folks.

anyways, she told me she was just going to sit and watch but as soon as she got there, she dug in. everything was prepped, we just had to put it all together. of course, she chopped up everything more (i think it was just because she wanted to use my big sharp knife that she fell in love with) and started crumbling the cornbread. she even took out the burnt pieces of bread. she's so good.

when we were all finished, i did the taste test and was worried that i might have put too many greens... not enough cornbread... not enough salt. i didn't know. k-pooop to the rescue! he came up to give it a taste. i could tell he thot it was good but it was still missing something. he nailed it! i added the "secret ingredient" and it was poi-fect! well, we'll see when we get to mamalane's.


after the dressing, i baked cookies to take to "the last supper" at commerce. i couldn't make my usual garlic mashed potatoes as i was just a tad busy. this year we didn't do the traditional turkey and dressing. instead it was a big ol' pot of turkey & dumplings. mmmmm, good.

it's the last thanksgiving dinner we'll do at commerce. this is the 4th year for it... my 3rd. everybody's moving out of the building so it was a "goodbye" dinner for most. hopefully, we'll have our house in place and we can do it again, in a different location, next year. it won't be commerce, but it'll still be family.


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