Thursday, November 10, 2005

searchin' for so long


so today i looked at seven houses. count 'em, SEVEN. five scheduled, two we just sort of happened upon. out of the seven, i liked two of them. completely different homes. one built in the 60's, the other mid-90's. very different styles.

on one hand, i like the older one because of it's old charm and curb appeal... and i really just love those neighborhoods. the newer one just totally rocked, tho. of course, being newer. very spacey. these people were way into the whole "santa fe" (way overdone) look. and they weren't afraid to use color in any of the rooms. blue bathroom, peach living room, pink bedroom, you get it. i didn't get the same feel for the neighborhood, tho.

i went solo. HM will look at them either tomorrow or monday. if he likes one over the other, i'm fine. if he doesn't like either one, i'm fine with that, too. i don't want us to rush into a house just because we want to live together already. i want us to both like it and know we can live in it for a good long while. i know he wanted us to be in a house before christmas, but i don't think it's gonna happen... even if he does choose one of these. i also don't want him to think it has to be one of these. we will find one. maybe not this week, but it will happen. we'll see what he thinks when he sees them.

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