Monday, November 07, 2005

weekend update/recap

friday - the princess and honey bunny played each other in a scrimmage game. S2 was convinced that honey bunny's team was going to win. they had a really good chance actually. her team was 5-2-1 for the fall ball season. she's in pixie1. princess is in pixie2, which means and older age group. pixie2 won out, 7-5. amazing game from what i hear. i wouldn't know, i was taking a nap. good nap.

HM and BA got in around 8-ish. i went in to work at 9:00 and let the boys have the nite off.

saturday - the boys were so hungover we kinda stayed in for most of the morning. i bought us all breakfast burritos (with HM's tip money from my jar). when we finally decided to get up and out, it rained. does not make well for saggy painted ta-ta's... eewww.

after coming back in, i had to get ready for rucker's wedding. i gave myself an hour to get there. first of all, of course, it took me a while to get to sadie to begin with. next, i hit an ass load of traffic in clear lake. then, there was a wreck on the freeway. i got on the feeder but i was way late. i even did a few loops around the block it was on, because who the hell gives the address to the BACK of a church?!?!? and who sends an invitation with no address or map?!?!? anyways... there was no sign, no big door, no steeple. i finally took a different turn and pulled up on the side of the church. while i was getting out of sadie and walking up to the church... here comes the bride and groom out of the side doors!! at least i made it. but i was so busted.

for the few wedding pics, click here

afterwards, i came back to the rally and hung out with the boys. very tired. very annoyed by everything. ready for bed, but trying to be a trooper.

for all rally pics, click here

sunday - BA took off early. rally over. looked at some more listings for houses. i'm so tired of looking for houses. i know it'll be all good in the end, but gawd it's tiring. i found four more today. hopefully, i'll get to look at those on friday. assuming they don't sell by then. that's been an issue. wish me luck... AGAIN.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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