Wednesday, November 09, 2005

take it to da house

it's been a slow week. i've been looking for houses and found five to look at tomorrow. doesn't that sound like FUN?!?!? HA! i'm going solo tomorrow. HM has to work late. actually, HM just has to work normal hours. ownership's a bitch, ain't it? if we don't find anything in this batch tomorrow, we're throwing the towel in until after the holidays. =\

it's not making us happy. we've broadened our search. first, we liked the "more bang for your buck" lots in friendswood, but then we totally fell in love with the "family friendly" neighborhoods of seabrook (well, i did). we started with one subdivison, moved on to another when we couldn't find anything affordable or do-able. we're on our third subdivision now. i've heard good things about it, tho. i have a co-worker friend that lives there now and one that just moved from there. she just wanted a newer house. they built in another subdivision.

i'm so tired... tired of looking at houses we don't like... looking at houses we like but are "pending"... looking at houses we may like but are SOLD. i'm tired. okay, i'm going to stop now because i'm just going to start rambling. i hope we can find something tomorrow. and i hope it's not too far for HM to drive. that man works long hours and i would hate for the drive to add to the grumpiness after the long day.

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