Friday, May 27, 2005


so my sister invites me to this slumber party/scavenger hunt/sleepover thing. something her neighbor is doing. i like her neighbor and it sounds like fun, so i'll go.

it was supposed to be friday. i thot, COOL - i can go to the party and catch
jesse dayton's show on saturday. why do people always have to change plans? now she's changed it to saturday and i'm gonna miss jesse. NOT cool. on top of all that, i get a call from my sister. i asked her what time i need to be there. "4:00 at olive garden", she says. 4:00? WTF? are we trying to catch the early bird special??

i don't know what these people have planned, but it better be good. meeting at 4:00. i love my sister and all, but truly...there's only so much i can take. plus, i gotta spend the nite with the girl, too! =)

missing friends

so last nite i went to meet the team (my cycling team). we had two birthday celebrations for lil bo pEEp & chris and a farewell to rachael. we're gonna really miss rachael. she was always the one that brought all the cooking stuff out when we went camping!

also, a "safe travels" to sharky. moving from australia to holland. she says she's closer to us now. i was never big on geography so i'll just take her word for it.

oh, and although timothy's in cambodia we called him last nite (10am his time) and wished him a very happy birthday and congrats on his upcoming nuptuals.

these people have been great influences in my life, whether they know it or not. the whole team. we've all been together and growing since 1996. that's a long time! i remember the first time i met jeff (bike shop owner). i was hanging out with an old friend (skankwhore) at the velvet elvis. jeff was all into her. she played him for a little while and then the conversation turned to "what do you do". since i had just bought a bike, i was all over the conversation. jeff said they had a thursday nite ride\pub crawl in houston. being the intermediate rider that i was, i was a bit intimidated when i got to my first ride. all these people were geared up in rider shorts (i still don't wear those) and jerseys and helmets. i think i probably had on denim shorts and a big t-shirt. SO out of my element! everybody was so nice and although i didn't know it at the time, my bike was not the right size for me, therefore harder to keep up (at least that's the excuse i used for being slow). after years of riding, i've never ever been able to keep at the front of the pack. i'm always trailing. but back to the point, these people never left me behind. they were always there when someone fell or had a flat or needed a gel pak. that's what made me fall in love with this group of people. they're an awesome group and i'll never forget any of them!

some have moved on, some still here. some are married now (to other team members) and some just really can't stand other team members. =) but we've all managed to keep in touch for this long time.
-jeff -marilyn(lil bo pEEp) -dawlett(superman) -timothy(flaming goat) -sheryl(too tall ride marshall hall) -brad&dana -shelly -chris(big c) -rachael -gabe -edwin -james(after school special) -bill(bam-bamm) -chad(portobello) -thomas -cindy&bill -the krises -mark V -the dolans -neil -charlotte -scottimus -the teasdales -rucker -kelly -aj & lori -glenn -ronnie -trey & anne -adrian(a-lo) -donna kay -jake -rob & lisa -ken & joanne -zak & abeer -doug & lisa -phoebe

i love you all!

Monday, May 23, 2005

T-I-D-E, tired!

i am WHOOPED after this weekend! we went out to the beach shack for ET's bday. everybody had a really good time. photos to come soon.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

burnin' down the house

you really gotta watch that rachael ray and all her gadgetry cooking. her 30 minute meals are 30 minutes cuz she has the high-tech stove that doesn't burn down the building while cooking at 500 degrees! i, on the other hand, have the vintage 1970's stove that was probably the first stove to ever go into the apartment. thus, it has issues.

while cooking pinwheel steaks at 500 d (ala rachael ray), of course, the whole apt starts filling with smoke. i open a couple of windows...doesn't help. i open the front door...bad idea. the smoke alarm in the building went off. it wasn't on my floor, tho. i think it had already reached the 3rd and 2nd floors (i live on the 4th). i called ali (landlord) to tell him not to worry, it's just me cooking. like he didn't get a big laugh out of that. HM is the chef in this relationship and everyone knows it.

no fires and we ate good! pinwheel steaks and crusty cheesy pecan covered artichoke hearts.

riddle me this

riddle me this, riddle me that. who just passed from the show of a bat?
RIP Frank Gorshin aka The Riddler from the original Batman series.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

my honey's back

my handyman has returned from a long weekend in indianapolis. i missed him and i can't wait to see him tonite. =)

it must be said that even tho i missed him, i had a good relaxing weekend. i went to the YAGA's WILD GAME cookoff and met some friends there. it was nice just to hang out and do nothing and not have to worry about, "is he having a good time". cuz i'm sure he wouldn't have. it was not all that exciting. i DID get the scooter out. that was fun! i need to air up the back tire again, tho. or it could just be that my fat-ass was weighing it down. imagine that.

anyways, tonite, i will be cooking pinwheel steaks for my man. pinwheel steaks and spinach stuffed artichoke hearts. YUM! not that i've ever had either one, but it just sounds so good! i'll let you know how it turns out.

Friday, May 13, 2005

it's NOT candy

so, we're at the ball park and my sister asks if i can get shaggy (youngest nephew) something to drink. we go to the concession stand and go thru the same routine, which i'm sure the man in the booth just loves us for. shaggy's three. he can't read. so we go thru the pointing and nodding of what he wants to drink. and as always, the last thing the man points to is the thing that shaggy wants. he's even done it backwards and shaggy STILL picks the last thing he points to.

so now he decides he's hungry. it's late and they're out of hot dogs so i ask shaggy if he wants chips. he says no and points to what he does want. what he's pointing to is the pixie-stix. not the little pixie-stix, but the long striped plastic tube pixie-stix. i tell him, "no... you're not eating candy this late". in his smartest straightest face he innocently (and defiantly) looks straight back at me and says, "it's not candy, it's SUGAR!"

how dumb must i be?

Thursday, May 12, 2005

"45 whore"

my newest nickname. this is the name Handyman (HM) has come up with for me. this joins SWEET T, WONDER WOMAN, SWEET T GAR-C, among other unmentionables.

we both have jukeboxes. mine is a 1975 AMI-ROWE, his a 1952 Seeburg. his is really cool. you can see the records moving around. you have to open mine up to see that (not as cool). but last nite, i was putting away records i've bought and received from everywhere. i didn't count but i've got 3 full boxes plus the 100 that are in the jukebox. i've got to have at least 500 records...hence the nickname. i can't help it. i love the records! although, the best selection is not in the jukebox right now. i know this because one.. uh.. drunken nite, i wanted to hear music. HM being a sweetheart, went straight to the jukebox and played some stuff. everything he played, i thot, "what the hell is that? play something good".

the thing is, there was barely anything good in there. since i have so many records i wanted to put them on rotation. this one, i've decided, is NOT a good rotation. it will be rotated out soon and more 70's rock and 80's one hit wonders will be put back in.


Wednesday, May 11, 2005

life updates

the reason i started this blog was mainly, i guess, so my dad and stepmonster could kinda keep track of me and my daily/weekly goings-ons. they live in chicago. tho i talk to them often, sometimes it's just not enough to get everything in on that one call. other times, there's not much to say. not that i still won't call them once a week or they still won't call me. i just wanted to give them another option.

one day, others will look at this. maybe i'll send the link to aunts and uncles... cousins... siblings... friends... my mom. who knows. they always act like they never see me anyways. so here's their chance to catch up. since i'm single (not married) they think i lead this party lifestyle. not so. for example: last nite, i went to the grocery store (still forgot the frikkin garlic), made dinner and did some laundry. how exciting is that?!?!? i'll bet you wish you had my life!

ciao for now!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

note to self

create blog for all the world to see and criticize.