Tuesday, May 17, 2005

my honey's back

my handyman has returned from a long weekend in indianapolis. i missed him and i can't wait to see him tonite. =)

it must be said that even tho i missed him, i had a good relaxing weekend. i went to the YAGA's WILD GAME cookoff and met some friends there. it was nice just to hang out and do nothing and not have to worry about, "is he having a good time". cuz i'm sure he wouldn't have. it was not all that exciting. i DID get the scooter out. that was fun! i need to air up the back tire again, tho. or it could just be that my fat-ass was weighing it down. imagine that.

anyways, tonite, i will be cooking pinwheel steaks for my man. pinwheel steaks and spinach stuffed artichoke hearts. YUM! not that i've ever had either one, but it just sounds so good! i'll let you know how it turns out.

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