Wednesday, February 28, 2007


cuz there's no such thing as TOO MUCH chicago...

update: it works!! where the hell was this thing when i wanted my ROCKY background music?!?!?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

weekend update/recap

hi daddy!

friday - movie nite! friday was movie nite with Albert and Hildy. we made pizzas, had some drinks, and watched The Departed. all i got to say about that movie is, "YUM"! with all the hotness that is Marky Mark AND Matt Damon AND Leo DiCaprio~! geesh. i was never a big Leo fan, but DAMN! he makes you feel for his character in this one and that made me a new fan. plus, he just looked hot in his grunge-like self in this one.

the movie was good and i am so glad Scorcese got his just reward! he won the oscar for Best Direction. YAY! finally! i still can't believe he didn't win for Goodfellas... or Raging Bull... or Taxi Driver, for that matter! all stellar flicks. i didn't watch the oscars, but like a nerd, i DVR'd it. i wanna see the speech he gave.

saturday - did some editing. uploaded some clips. hung out with S1 and Princess for a while. a long while. she fed me, so it was alright.

saturday nite - HM got bored so he started painting the media room... blue. Anika came over and hung out for a while. first time at Casa De Sweet T & Handyman. it's good to see folks at our house. i feel like we're out in the 'boonies and nobody wants to "go that far" most times. she was in town for something else so she spared us a few, afterwards. =)

sunday - HM got up and washed the cars. pretty Sadie. we cut a board for a doggie gate type thing. you'll see it. we thot about what kind of shelves we're going to put in the office and how soon that needs to be done. we also need to paint the office. we have a lot of projects going on right now that we want to complete before the end of march. big goals for a short time. we have three weeks to -paint the office, -put shelves in the office, -put things on shelves in the office, -paint media room, -get one more movie poster for room (caddyshack, maybe), -rip out carpet in living room and replace with decent flooring for dogs, -then do some super duper cleaning and putting away in the kitchen. big tasks for three weeks, don't 'cha think?

anyways... mark the date. on march 31st, you can ask me how far we've gotten. until then, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

because i can

i love Rocky Balboa. i love the story of Rocky. i love the underdog Rocky. i love how much Rocky loved Adrian. i'm not too crazy about the mullet Sylvester Stallone is sporting right now, but i still love Rocky!

we saw Rocky Balboa a couple of weeks ago. it did not disappoint. i'm not saying it was better than (the original) Rocky, or even Rocky III for that matter, but it was good. Rocky went out in style. MUCH BETTER than the crap he tried to pull on us with Rocky V. geesh! seriously, Rocky V was BAD!

in Rocky Balboa, he looks really big (recently explained by steroids he got busted with) with a really square head. kinda like the heads on Easter Island.

so anyways, there were so many things i liked about Rocky Balboa. i like that they brought back "little Marie" and i liked that they didn't have all the "hemming and hawing" between Rocky and Adrian while he was training. and of course i loved the montages! those are my favorite part! i can watch Rocky, Rocky II and Rocky III over and over again just to see the training montage and the part at the end of Rocky III where he jumps in the air after giving Clubber Lane the beat down. the music just adds to it. i love it! i just get happy inside, when i see that. did i also mention, i love the training montages?

i mentioned before about the love Rocky had for Adrian. he was only concerned about Adrian. never about himself. even after he got his arse whipped in Rocky, he was only concerned about Adrian. unless you've seen the movie as many times as i have, i'm sure you missed the last line of the movie. let me set it up for you: he's in the ring, calling for her and she's running up to meet him. going through a ton of people to get there. in the process, she loses her hat. when she gets to Rocky, the first thing he says is not, "i love you" or "ohmigod, did you just see what i did", because it's not ever about him when she's there. all he says is, "where's your hat?". in all that he's just been through, he asks "where's your hat?". because he is only concerned about her. *sigh* that's love.

two things i did not like about Rocky Balboa... the fact that Paulie kept calling him, Rocko. what the hell is that? Rocko? he never called him Rocko before. it was just, Rock. or Rocky. another thing is when Rocky gets knocked down, little Marie is in the crowd and yells out, "get up! get up!". bad move. Adrian did that in Rocky II, while she was sitting at home with Paulie and the kid. that was it. just those two. oh, and the fact that Milo did not have a big enough part.

Monday, February 19, 2007

weekend update/recap

meeting new friends and old...

friday - i accepted an evite from fellow blogger deja. her better half (BFF) was in town, another blogger, megan. there was also nessa, from sealy, and other friends. oh, and ryan B even made an appearance!

we met up for crawfish and beers and i am SO thankful Ryan B came! my jackass bank sent me a new debit card and de-activated my old one before i called to activate it. Ryan had to pay my tab. i've promised him payback at the G.Love show.

saturday - HM and i watched Smokin' Aces. a little reminiscent of Guy Ritchie. zero character development but plenty of action. i liked it.

sunday - i finally opened up my new toy, my usb turntable. it's AWESOME! the first 45 i put on it was "whole lotta love". it took me a while to figure it out, but only because i had something set wrong on Lappy.

i also got additional swag in the mail, from Addie, my new Ramones beanie and the 30 year anniversay edition of Schoolhouse Rock! i can't wait til she visits again so we can watch it together on "the wall". we're gay, i know. but it's so cool that i have someone to be gay with. well, besides my sister, cuz she's gonna be all over it [the dvd] once she reads this.

somewhere in there we took the dogs to the park and my husband beat me with a stick, but overall it was a good weekend.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

is you is or is you ain't my baby?

in light of valentine's day, i thot i'd post a cute little vid, taken from YouTube. it's one of S1's favorites, if not her most favorite. it's a tom & jerry cartoon of a tune we still sing when we're being goofy.

happy valentine's day, Sis!

this is the WHOLE cartoon, if you wanna watch it...

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Monday, February 12, 2007

weekend update/recap


friday - had my birthday dinner with a BUNCH of friends and got some suh-weeet swag! see video on right. i got some really cool stuff! what you won't see in the video is my new favorite best friend. THIS! i'm saving that for a video all it's own.

after dinner, we went to some hole in the wall and did some karaoke. funny, nobody else in the bar was. and we were using our beer bottles as mic's. okay, it was only me singing... but it was Meatloaf! and you can't ever fault me for singing Meatloaf!

i have no pictures because my camera battery "speedled" right when we got there. that one was for you, honey. =)

saturday - we got up early for breakfast. we had to get down to the island for mardi gras! it's so much better when you live there. but we still had a good time. HM, BA, and i made our way to a couple of parades, a couple of bars, and had some dinner.

we turned in for an early nite. good god, we were home at 9:30! i had to be up at 5am so i was okay with that. i would have had that eight hours, too, if i hadn't woken up at midnite, with a hangover!!

sunday - up at 5am, as stated earlier. had to get out to the 5th annual WUWU! this very well may be our last year to do it. it's a team supported training ride for the MS150. there was some drama in the morning, but we pulled it off... AGAIN. we've got it down. we rock! we were very limited on volunteers this year.

i'm sad that this will probably be our last team effort. i love these people! they are my friends, my family. see the girl above, on the left. that's kierstyn. i've known kierstyn since she was seven or eight years old. she's 14 now! a very pretty young girl. and i've seen her go thru all the awkward stages. the girl above right and the guy below right, i knew them when they were both infatuated with other people on the team and they're now married to each other! they make a very cute couple, by the way.
we've been thru weddings and baby showers and reunions. for a while, i saw these people more than i saw my own family. they were my life. they still mean a lot to me, but every one is going their own way. making their own paths. but don't think we won't be at kierstyn's high school games so we can scream and yell and hold up banners while she's playing in the marching band. cuz we will!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

freeze frame

here's a video that marks my first jaunt into the stop-motion genre of film. in case you didn't know, stop motion is a series of photos that makes a film - the object of your pictures being moved only slightly per frame to produce the effect of motion when the film is played back, per wikipedia.

i've been wanting to do this for a while now and while it's my first one, i'd almost like to say it will be my last. well, at least until i learn some better software. it took me three days to get this all in and it still doesn't sync up at the end. because of the amount of pictures i had pulled in (over 650), it took up a lot of "working" space. therefore, making my pc run really slow. for what would be a two minute fix, took more like 20 minutes every time. ugh.

the subject is HATS. i made it for one of my contacts, Fuzzy Dave, who's always whining about everyone having better hats than him. =)

for fuzzy dave on Vimeo

Monday, February 05, 2007


discussing the upcoming Aretha Franklin show...

me: well i'm pissed cuz i can't make it now

Addie: i know, that sucks. who am i gonna take now?

me: *thinking of her many Austin friends she could take*

Addie: there's just no one else worthy

she makes me feel like a nah-tur-al woman!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

spd he's my Handyman

on too many occassions, i don't think i show enough appreciation for my love... my husband... my one and only.

i know we had our rough times while we were dating. some people said we didn't "match". while others are surprised we made it this far. the ultimate in far-ness; MARRIAGE. i guess we kinda had a "few" disagreements. and maybe we had these "disagreements" in front of others. we're just two people who speak our mind when it needs to be spoken. we're really not ones to keep it in.

what i've heard, far too many times, are horror stories from my married girlfriends. "he doesn't take out the trash", "he doesn't unload the dishwasher", "why can't he just do it without me asking?", "aarrgggghhhhh", etc. and what i've realized thru all that is I AM SO LUCKY! my husband does all that and more! well, sometimes he forgets to replace the liner in the kitchen trash can, but a girl can dream, right?

but seriously, what others husbands do you know that cook and clean and does the dishes and cooks and makes sure his wife is completely happy? did i mention he cooks? i wanted to use this forum to tell my husband:


I APPRECIATE YOU (even when you don't replace the liner)


there's so much more that i wanted to say about him, but i'm not very good with the words. right now, he is glancing over at me with the cutest little boy grin (i call it the monkey face) that i am overwhelmed with feelings for him. i love my Handyman. i hope that what i can't express with words, i show enough through my actions. i love you, honey.