Thursday, February 01, 2007

spd he's my Handyman

on too many occassions, i don't think i show enough appreciation for my love... my husband... my one and only.

i know we had our rough times while we were dating. some people said we didn't "match". while others are surprised we made it this far. the ultimate in far-ness; MARRIAGE. i guess we kinda had a "few" disagreements. and maybe we had these "disagreements" in front of others. we're just two people who speak our mind when it needs to be spoken. we're really not ones to keep it in.

what i've heard, far too many times, are horror stories from my married girlfriends. "he doesn't take out the trash", "he doesn't unload the dishwasher", "why can't he just do it without me asking?", "aarrgggghhhhh", etc. and what i've realized thru all that is I AM SO LUCKY! my husband does all that and more! well, sometimes he forgets to replace the liner in the kitchen trash can, but a girl can dream, right?

but seriously, what others husbands do you know that cook and clean and does the dishes and cooks and makes sure his wife is completely happy? did i mention he cooks? i wanted to use this forum to tell my husband:


I APPRECIATE YOU (even when you don't replace the liner)


there's so much more that i wanted to say about him, but i'm not very good with the words. right now, he is glancing over at me with the cutest little boy grin (i call it the monkey face) that i am overwhelmed with feelings for him. i love my Handyman. i hope that what i can't express with words, i show enough through my actions. i love you, honey.

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Adrienne said...

hmmm..."match"....wonder who else said that?

You do know that I don't think that any more, right?