Wednesday, January 31, 2007

another vimeo portrait of yours truly

i think LCF wanted to play around with his effects and this is what he posted of me.

Islebehere Portrait on Vimeo

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

as promised

here's a portrait the user, Pauk, did of me. he did a few others, too. if you click on the picture below, you'll see the first one he did of Fuzzy Dave.

and here is the process he went thru to do it:

(Vimeo Portrait) - Islebehere on Vimeo

Sunday, January 28, 2007

weekend update

friday - could we have had a more hectic week that made us want to go to bed at 9:00pm??? we stayed up long enough to watch psych and that was it.

we were supposed to go see BB King but it was cancelled, due to hospitalization.

saturday - HM went to work and i wanted to get up and do my vimeo portrait for another project. didn't do it. i wasn't feeling very well so i laid back down and ended up falling asleep. when i woke up, HM was already home.

HM kinda worked on our new storage room a bit and we watched some movies while i finally got off my butt and did my vimeo self portrait project. most are drawn, but i'm not as talented. here is my contribution:

Peika Portrait on Vimeo

there are so many talented people on vimeo. a couple of people did one of me, i'll put those up this week.

sunday - definitely the day of the storage room... well, when we finally got motivated. we put some of the floor down. dammit, the floor is the underneath picture. see our mini door? how cool is that? how talented is my husband that he could do all of this?

on that note, i'd just like to mention, here, how lucky i am to have him. i made him stop after three hours. his back and knees were killing him, i'm sure.

we watched the end of MI:3 and i can now see why people didn't care for it much. it builds you up, then lets you down. then it builds you up, then lets you down. just give me all action in an action flick. it wasn't all that bad, tho.

that's all i got, really. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, January 26, 2007

spd rooftop

so i got involved in another project on vimeo. this one was a worldwide landscape project. since "250" was such a big re-launch on vimeo, yesterday... we now have 250MB of space compared to the old 30MB. LOTS MORE SPACE! anyhoo, since 250 was a big launch, someone decided to do "2:50" video. where ever you were, yesterday at 2:50pm, you were to video your landscape. i cheated. i went to my old apartment building rooftop. not that my view from work is bad, but i can't even open the windows here.

so, this is a still shot from my video contribution.

Thu Jan 25 2:50pm
one of the users is putting them all together (there are about 20 so far), when he does, i'll put it on here. if you want to see what i shot, look to the right, under "my vimeo clips".

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

vimeo rocks!

so, i've mentioned before about my video host, right? and how they're more of a community and /or family type and some of them have actually met. the users do fun little projects together and such.

the latest project put in the forums is the "vimeo portrait project". it was thrown up by user, PEIKA, who oddly enough, lives 6 miles from my Dad. the project is: Pick any user and make a portrait clip it can be done in any way be creative, pic, vid, sound however you want to depict them. anyways, a few people have already submitted their piece of the project. one of my contacts, johnbmx4christ, did mine! it's totally cool. it looks like he may have done it out of a LOT of cheerios. =)

Vimeo Portrait (Project) on Vimeo

i'm attempting one of PEIKA, but i'll have to wait for the weekend to do it. maybe something creative will be flowing by then. eek, the pressure!

Monday, January 22, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - i was supposed to be riding up with S1 and Princess to pick up Booger's truck. it's been in the shop for whatever an '84 truck might need for a 15 year old to tear apart. after waiting for S1 to get in gear, we find out BIL1 is on his way into town, already driving the truck. wasted hour? uh... yeah.

she convinces me to stick around and we'll go to dinner anyway. dinner? dinner. who eats dinner at taco cabana?? i didn't know what to order. i don't think i've ever been there sober or not at breakfast. i was at a loss.

afterwards, she convinced me to ride with her after all. we had to go to port arthur. she didn't convince me so much as she just went behind my back and called my husband (my excuse to stay) and asked if i could go with her. she gave him some sad sack story about not wanting to ride home alone... wah.

it wasn't bad. i took Lappy and we watched
Four Brothers on the way. the short bus wasn't bad. a little jumpy. but it had an ac plug along with an av plug-in so that we could hear the movie on the stereo speakers.

i got home at midnite and my honey had been pretty busy. he put a light and outlet in the new storage room. pret-ty cool. pictures of that, later.

saturday - went to party city. that place rocks! we had to get balloons for some old guy's birthday. =) GOOD TIMES!

me and my daddy

his two great loves; pool and guitars

old buddies

Dad and the Stepmonster
sunday - lazy day. long nite. tomorrow is project nite so we'll continue on the storage room. i'll put pics up, after.

until then, i'm sweet and you're not.

Friday, January 19, 2007

spd the heat is on

last weekend, Honey Bunny and her team (the Heat) took second place in a tournament of 16 teams! here's a pic i snapped during a break.

good god, my face looks round!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

slow news day

they gave S1 her own sign for parking at her house. they must have figured she needed it, since she had the short bus and all.

i SWEAR. this sign is in her yard!

Monday, January 15, 2007

weekend update/recap

so we had a pretty busy weekend... starting with tearing a HOLE in our movie wall, friday nite!

friday - i guess the not-doing-anything-on-friday-nites has come to an end. since we're home most friday nites, we decided to do something constructive with that time. you know, like tearing holes in the wall.

turns out, we have "hidden" crawl space in the attic. i say hidden, because you sure can't see it from just getting into the attic. you actually have to crawl into the attic then climb over some stuff and under some stuff and then there's a drop. that's where the space is. we thot we might wait until Princess came over again and drop her into it, but we couldn't do it. wait, that is. we could totally throw her in a crawl space to check it out for us.

off to home depot we go. we bought a door and cut it down to two hinges. bought other stuff we needed for it and now we're ready for extra storage! YAY! it will be above the kitchen, behind the movie wall. i'm so excited. no worries about obstruction of the movie wall. we'll paint it the same color and the knob/lock will be at the bottom.

saturday morning - Honey Bunny had a tournament at the Big League Dreams fields. fields that are mini replicas of the big league parks; fenway, yankee stadium, wrigley, etc.

they took 2nd place out of 16 teams. they would have won but the score was tied 3-3 and one of the parents yelled out a bad play, which the kid made, and cost us a run. we lost 4-3. ugh! you know S2 did NOT let that parent live that down.

take me out to the ballgame from islebehere and Vimeo.

saturday evening - my friend, Lil Bit, is leaving. moving to Atlanta. we had her going away party Saturday nite. everyone back on the island. well, not everyone, but most of us. we had a really good time. they had the "dueling pianos" and sang to her.

for lil bit from islebehere and Vimeo.

we also got to see the 21 crew and hang out with them for a while and Dan came down to party with us. it's always fun when our friends actually make it out to see us. i mean, since we live in the boonies now.

sunday - pretty much recovered from saturday. we just vegged out and waited for the cold front to come in.

sunday evening - i took Booger out for his annual birthday dinner, to Dead Lobster. i can't even get him to 'Deaux... geesh! we talked more on the way up, this time. he told me he's playing varsity basketball this year (he's a freshman) and he'll be playing varsity football next year. uhm... WOW! we watched the end of the san diego/new england game. he dogged the patriots, i dogged san diego. damn good last quarter. even better last two minutes. by the way, HM, you owe me $20 for that game. drunk bets count, dammit!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, January 12, 2007

spd family

please welcome Alexis Makenzie to the world! the latest WUS baby. i can't wait 'til she gets her first bike... YAY!

my super great friends, who left us all for Hotlanta a while back, have procreated!

from what i've been told (a mere 11 days later!), mom and baby are fine. and dad has GINORMOUS hands (check out that last picture).

i wish them well. Alexis joins siblings, Fibi (sp?), Rocky and another one that i can never remember the name of.... these are pups, not kids. i'm sure it would be very different if i couldn't remember their kids' names.

Welcome BABY WUS!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

i don't know why you say goodbye, i say hello

so.... last nite, i had the opportunity to meet, Mr. David Philo. who, from my understanding, is the end all be all of all friends to have. he is the person you aspire to be like. he's the friend that's in town once every seven years or so and you do everything in your power to be at the place he will be, so that you may be in his presence. or at least, that's the take i got.

i gotta say, he was a pretty cool cat. good times with Mr. Philo. apparently, he and HM were roommates in college(?), along with Dan. i know they all worked at 'Deaux together at some point or another. i did not work at 'Deaux. however, i just got married in, so i'm cool.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

foggy christmas nite

last month, anybody who was anyone, had the distinct pleasure of being able to watch Princess in her school's production of whatever christmas story they could come up with. i mentioned it before, here. you know... the one where she was taken over by the "ghost of her mom's dast moves past"? that one.

anyways, now you can see it! check out her moves.

foggy christmas nite on Vimeo

Sunday, January 07, 2007

wedding medley

i know everyone's been waiting for some sort of wedding video from us. well, here it is:

wedding medley on Vimeo

for those of you not there, this is the song the wedding party walked down to. we exited to "Stayin Alive" by the Bee Gees.

Friday, January 05, 2007

spd 2

S2 and BIL2, christmas eve

Thursday, January 04, 2007

canned laughter

Princess and Addie have formed a new relationship in the last year or so. they share a room in our house, although Addie really had no say in the lime green\hot pink theme. i think she likes it, tho.

anyhoo, when Addie comes to visit, she also likes to visit with the princess. so we called to have her come over for a sleepover and maybe a movie. well, after waiting ALL DAY for her mom to drop her off, there wasn't time for the movie but we still took her grocery shopping with us and subjected her to showtunes. tunes from Annie, Cats, Rent, etc. Seasons of Love, from Rent, being the one i really belted out. Princess asked what showtunes were and what Rent was about. i told her we would take her to see it when she's 16. so, uhm, remind me in seven years, would ya?

being in the musical frame of mind when we got home, we went up to their room so we could listen to records. yes, records. she was actually pretty excited when i told her we put a "record player" in the room. you see, S1 got her not one, but TWO Kelly Clarkson records. two. that was pretty much the best song we had in the room so it got a lot of play. that and the fact that we were too lazy to go into the media room to get more. here is the outcome of that record and me being a video freak.

since u been gone on Vimeo

Monday, January 01, 2007

happy new year!

celebrated again, with HM, addie, and sweet cheeks. i even got to meet deja, of spoonleg fame! that was cool. ET came over for new year's day and we had the 2nd annual "good luck & prosperity" dinner. addie made ham, black eyed beans, cabbage, potatoes au grautin and cornbread (i did that one). she also made some toffee cheesecake sort of things. good stuff.

happy new year to you all. i'm sweet t and you're not.