Friday, December 15, 2006

(s)Elf portrait day

Princess and Uncle HM

last nite was Princess's christmas program. something about "incredible reindeer" or something. i'm not sure. it was a full 40 minutes of christmas carols, kids messing up their lines, and big headed people getting in my shot. ah, good times.
Princess was the Blizzard Elf. don't ask, cuz i don't know. HM told her she was named after a Dairy Queen treat and proceeded to turn her upside down to see if she would fall out. he seriously thot he had hurt her, she screamed so loud. baby.
i have video of the program, but that's for later. they had some dance moves... well, not "dance" moves, but moves none the less. the kinda jay and silent bob move where you go side-to-side with the ghetto head. you know the one. anyways, she KNOWS that move. i taught her that move! and what does she do? she takes on the "ghost of her mom's dance moves past"! good god, man! not to say that the child has a whole lot of rhythm to begin with, but she KNOWS that move! she was totally cute, tho. i'll have to show it on christmas eve for everyone to see.
that should be fun... right?

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