Monday, December 18, 2006

weekend update/recap

fun weekend.

friday - picked up Princess for the nite. she came over and while her uncle HM continued painting the living room, she and i made ornaments and magnets. she made some as gifts and they came out really cute. i would show you pictures, but she took ALL of them with her. well, all but one of each. my ornament and Addie's gift. uh, guess what you're getting from Princess, Addie?

after a quick game of truth or dare, in which someone ended up in the dryer, we turned in kinda early cuz we had to get up at the butt crack-o-dawn on saturday.

saturday morning - we got moving and out of the house by 8:05. we had to be at elves and more by 9:00. after a shipley's run and a drive through intense fog, we actually got there on time. and then had to wait in line. a Blondie song comes to mind here. anyways, after watching a video we didn't need to watch (because that was the bike building part), we scurried over to the gift wrapping area. we spent a good two hours being ordered around by senior volunteers and wrapping gifts.

i'm trying to teach the kids about volunteering and "giving back". i took Booger to the same thing (to build bikes) a couple of years ago. he backed out this year and since i could only take one kid (per adult) Princess belted out, immediately, that she wanted to go in his absence. i think she had a good time and maybe she felt like she was doing a good deed.

i did my part, tho. i explained to her the importance of trying to help others, as Addie had done once before. the message being that although you're not always able to help out monetarily, sometimes it's just as good to help out with your time. maybe she got it, maybe she didn't. maybe she was just happy to be somewhere new. who knows?

after lunch and a bit of shopping, we got home early enough that uncle HM was able to torture her just a bit more before she left.

saturday evening - Woz came over for "christmas light cruising". Jim came over, too. we had a blast! we pulled back Sadie's top, took the side windows down and off we went. we cruised around our neighborhood and the neighborhoods we almost bought in. Jim and HM had to crawl into the back seat. that, in itself, was fun to watch!

we were out for about two hours, i guess, with pit-stops back at the house and some random boat launch for the boys with the bladders of 8-year old girls. we cruised around checking out all the cool lights and just laughing. at. everything. i don't even know what was so funny. it just was. of course, the booze we drank before-hand might have helped.

sunday - it was a pretty lazy day. HM finished painting the living room. it's frikkin' GORGEOUS! i love it! it makes the fireplace just POP! now. and my wreath looks pretty good on it, too. =)

we also did some grocery shopping for christmas eve. it's at our house this year. yeah, the family didn't waste no time pushing it on to someone new to host. i'm glad we're doing it at our place, tho. we're having ALL the family there... with all the extended family, we're up to 22 people now. i'm so glad his family will be there and we get to see PB (my newest nephew)! it's gonna be cool cuz he'll be around other kids that will be just as excited as he is. *warm fuzzies*

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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Dancing Queen said...

Sounds like you guys are going to have a full house indeed. I'm sure it'll be great! PB is defintely excited about Christmas, but amazingly enough has not even attempted to get to the gifts under our tree. Santa's coming early to our house since he'll be with y'all on the big day. Please wish everyone a Merry Christmas from your "extended" family in Austin.