Wednesday, December 13, 2006

i'm a frikkin' genius!!

yes. yes, i am. please hold your applause.

how many people do you know, have ONE remote to control them all? NONE, that's how many. cuz even if they have the tv programmed they still always have to use the tv remote to control the sound. i am the time warner remote control master!

last nite was project nite. while HM was painting our living room, with a shade of red that will need at least 10 coats, i opted for a more "not painting" project.... setting up the DVR. santa came early cuz i've been a good girl. =)

it started out as just plugging it in and calling the number to sync it or whatever. but after that, i started reading the instructions on the remote. oh, i always knew there were volume controls on cable remotes. i just never knew you could actually use them. you can! admit it, every house you go to has at least 2 remotes if not more. one for the cable box the other for the volume and then the dvd, vcr, blah blah blah.

we have only the dvd hooked up to our main tv but that, too, has been programmed. yay me! so, we now have DVR. we also have the tv and dvd player AND ALL VOLUME control going thru the cable remote. no more remotes needed. just the one. i'm a god!

you may applaud now.

p.s. this applies to everyone except steph, cuz she has a programmer husband who probably invented the damn thing in the first place! ;o)


Adrienne said...

Welcome to the new century of DVR programming! YAY! Now I'll come visit more often when I make you DVR my TV selections.

Oh, and for the remote, I only have 1 remote for the DVR, TV, Cable, & Sound. It's that handy dandy remote that Time Warner provides you with. So I'm just sayin that I didn't need any "special knowledge" to get my ONE REMOTE to work!

islebehere said...

that puts both of us in the very tiny percentage of people that actually sit and read the instructions on how to do this.

Sha Na Na said...

So, I am still in the fossil age - I still have a VCR - so I have 2 remotes. Congrats on the DVR upgrade. Can you talk my hubby into getting out of the 1990s?

Steph said...

..said "programmer husband" and I still have TWO remotes. Could use your expertise out this way. In fact - I would be happiest if you could tell me why on earth all my channels are at a normal decible level but the Food Network is ALWAYS YELLING AT ME when I flip stations!

P.S. Instructions? It came with INSTRUCTIONS?