Thursday, July 31, 2008

seriously people

marry someone who makes you laugh. every day.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

somebody already did it

but HM seems to think we could do much better. i have to agree.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Monday, July 28, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - dinner and crackers and cookies, oh my! if it hadn't been for Princess, i would have never gotten thru the nite. she was a trooper. i picked her up on Friday and told her, "be prepared to work". and she still came over.

she took charge when we got to the house. she grabbed the first list (for dinner) and started getting everything out for it. while i was putting the finishing touches on dinner, she got out everything we needed for the crackers. we made a double batch of spicy crackers. man, those things are good. actually, she made them. she pulled out everything she needed, measured correctly, and poured it on. all i did was stick 'em in the oven.

next, we got started on the cookies. man, i love her for that! she was not afraid to stick her hands in anything! i can't do that anymore. it's icky. we doubled the cookie recipe and ended with, about, seven or so batches. all for the family reunion on Sunday.

we pretty much passed out after that.

saturday - slept in, did some laundry and got packed for the nite. i headed into town and we were on the road to Victoria by 3:00. we stopped and had a late lunch at Hinze's BBQ in Wharton. YUM! also picked up some sausage from Hillje's.

after we rolled into town, we went to see Aunt Linda for a while. we kinda just hung out at the motel after that. HM wanted to go swimming, but there were a lot of kids in the pool all day and he didn't want to swim in all their pee.

sunday - FAMILY REUNION DAY!! it was so great seeing everyone! i'm so glad i went... and made HM go with me. he didn't even complain about the DJ and all the loud music. we had a really good time. AND it turns out, i have a cousin that lives less than TWO MILES away from me. he lives in the SAME little city i live in!! we're going to see him at jazz brunch Sunday. he's a chef at a newer restaurant in town.

i'm hoping that this wasn't just a one time get together. i know have cousins in Houston now and i hope we all actually make an effort to see each other. Aunt Martha has friends that live in the subdivision next to ours (she visits them a lot) so i'm hoping she'll come by our house when she visits. i'm not sure HM will ever get used to the unannounced mexican family visits. but i'm hoping he'll be okay when/if it happens.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, July 25, 2008

and you thot Maxximus Richard was bad...

Parents lose custody after naming girl 'Talula Does the Hula From Hawaii' - On Deadline -

it doesn't count if he pays someone to change it

me: you are NOT buying our baby stuff off craigslist

HM: why not?

me: gross! you don't know where that stuff has been

HM: you don't know

me: whatever. we are not buying our FIRST baby used stuff. that stuff could have lice and icky stuff and you don't even know

HM: some of it's new

me: is not

HM: is, too! sometimes there's a guy selling it brand new because maybe his baby came out with an afro and he's a white guy and the baby momma was a crackhead and she cheated on him and then he kicked her out and he already bought all the stuff so it's brand new and never been used. maybe that happened.

me: well, when you find a description that says that, let me know.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


me: you need to move the TV

HM: maybe Santa will bring us a new one and i can put it there

me: we have one. why do we need a new one

HM: that one's too big

me: i don't know if you've been good enough for Santa to bring you a whole TV

HM: what??

me: i mean, maybe Santa will bring it to me, cuz i've been good, and i'll let you watch it. i mean, i am having your baby and all... and i don't think Santa brings TV's to guys who are mean to their pregnant wives

HM: maybe Santa said "this guy's a saint for being so kind to his pregnant wife and he deserves a TV"

me: i don't think Santa would say that

HM: maybe Santa will bring me pills that make your food taste good

me: what??

HM: nothing

me: and you think Santa's bringing you a TV...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tired of being tired

okay, when am i supposed to get any energy back? i'm being told that the baby is sucking everything out of me right now and i need to get the rest i'm wanting. i am just TIRED! this does get better, right? second trimester, maybe?

yesterday, i stayed home to get our glass repaired. there were so many things i wanted to do... needed to do. what did i do? i slept. i worked my required hours and then i was OUT. i kept saying i would get up and shower at this hour. or maybe this hour. eh, i'll shower at that hour. i finally showered at 5:30, which still gave me time to get dinner on the table. and a good dinner it was! i'm such a good wife. i made pork ribs with a really good rub and pineapple glaze... YUM! HM really liked them. he usually says he likes what i cook the day of and then the next day tells me the truth. but this time, he really did like them. he told me he doesn't say anything because although he doesn't always appreciate the flavors, he always appreciates the effort. i'm not sure how to take that.

in order to get some endorphins moving, i'm attempting to walk the boys after dinner. i don't like going alone. i got HM to walk to the mailbox last nite, but that was it. i've heard walking was the best thing for an easier delivery. is that really true? cuz if it is... we seriously need to be doing some serious walking!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

love is...

when your husband offers to buy you a "single" coffee maker so he can still bring you (decaf) coffee in bed. =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

weekend update

friday - absolutely nothing. as soon as i got home, i put on my pj bottoms and plopped myself in the big chair. we watched Psych and went to bed. eventful, huh?

saturday - started off bad, with a doorbell wake up at 6:30. yeah, 6:30AM! Manny was at our front door! he was dropping our goodies off (me-candy apples, HM-BBQ sauce sampler) and noticed the back window of the cadillac had been completely shattered!! glass everywhere! four cars were hit in our neighborhood. with huge cement blocks! we called the cops.

me: did they take the rock?
HM: yeah, they actually did.
me: were they wearing gloves?
HM: i don't know, CSI! do you wanna go ask?

some people just don't understand the importance of fingerprinting. geesh.

sunday - lazy day. we watched Speed Racer. gawd, that movie was long! but i liked it. i thot it was cool the way he finished the Casa Cristo Race and he landed out of his car like in the cartoon. we also watched a few episodes of Weeds Season 2. now, i'm starting to get hooked. i love netflix streaming!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, July 18, 2008

loonychic part 2-electric boogaloo

so last nite i went to meet Loonachic at her hotel. i'm still alive. she wasn't a traveling serial killer or anything. she's a pretty cool chick. i gave her the lowdown on the NYC meet up and she clued me in on the Chicago meet up. we had similiar thoughts on the meet up's as a whole.

i took her to a hometown landmark, Mission Burrito. YUM! a while back there was a little project going on where vimeo users would "eat something for Buck". Buck Flashroy lives in London and well, his food sucks. so, he wanted everyone to show him what we were eating everywhere else. Loona and i decided to eat a burrito for Buck. she put together a video of our burrito adventure.

Islebehere & Loonachic Eating Burritos for Buck Flashroy from Loonachic on Vimeo.

Thursday, July 17, 2008


tonite i'm going to meet another vimeo bud, Loonachic. she's in town on business, from Chicago. i'm gonna show her all Mission Burrito has to offer!

8 weeks today

this week, HM says: Emotionally, you may feel like you are suffering from an ongoing bout of PMS. Even silly commercials may make you cry! jokes on him. i already do that!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new hair

damn Erica and the really cute hair cut she gave me! she's forcing me to "fix it" every day, now. everyone at work LOVES it so now i can't just come in here with ratty, just gelled, not dried hair any more. ugh.

Monday, July 14, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - dinner with friends. Tera came in from Austin, Woz and i picked up Pew Wei, BA was there and Joel & ET made it out. it was nice to have everyone over for dinner and just to chill out. we even figured out that we can see the Kemah fireworks from our house. well, from the median in the road, but still. don't think i didn't "pull a mescan" and bring my chair out to the middle of the street... cuz i did. i had the best seat in the house.

saturday - headache. slept all day. and i had such plans for the day. i had jewelry to make and orders to fill for work peeps. i was so upset with myself.

sunday - we had the bike team czichs over for an early dinner on sunday. DD, Lil Bo, Rachel, Char, and Lil Baby Bo brought over all kinds of stuff for a mexican fiesta. YUM! we caught up on a lot of stuff and started planning a camping trip for November. going to Warda, where they have real showers and toilets and good stuff like that. i'm gonna see if i can get HM to go with. =) it won't be hot and they have real showers and toilets and good stuff like that! =)

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


i have to give thanks to the pregnancy gods that i have not yet experienced morning sickness. i've almost thrown up twice, but both times were at nite and i'm pretty sure one of them was not related to the pregnancy at all.

other than that, before verification, my boobs were really sore and i had the emotional instability of a CRAZEEE person. yes, me. i noticed my boobs were growing but i was losing weight. surely, you can't be pregnant if you're losing weight. so i put it out of my mind. another time, i absolutely broke down bawling when HM told me his mom was coming to stay with him the weekend i was in NYC. i have no frikkin' clue why that bothered me. but i cried about it. i wanted to visit with Mamalane, too, and i wouldn't be able to. i chalked it all up to PMS. wrong.

so today, i am seven weeks pregnant. a little Duanita on the way. S1 will have her baby fish and HM will have no more Aquarians in the house. for now.


Baby Duanita

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Houston, we have a heartbeat!

so while i was in NYC, i kinda got a surprise. a GOOD surprise! and christened Blake's brand new bathroom. it was a first, he said... and hopefully a last. at least for a long time. this is the same picture HM got. on his phone. i couldn't wait til i got home!
today was our first visit to the doctor together. we got to see the baby's heartbeat. tomorrow, i will be seven weeks pregnant. baby Duanita is due March 2, 2009. here's a preview of what went down in the doctor's office.

first visit from islebehere on Vimeo.

Monday, July 07, 2008

weekend updates

the last two weekends have been filled with lots of activity. i went to NYC for the vimeo meet-up, which rocked by the way! it was really cool to finally meet Blake, one of the community directors at Vimeo. NYC was cool, but i didn't do any of the tourist-y things. we spent the majority of time in Brooklyn and i didn't even see the Brooklyn Bridge! it was raining!

i hung out with Andrea most of the time and i love love LOVE her iphone! instead of looking like complete touron's with maps wide open, all she did was pop on her iphone and google map us where ever we needed to be. we were even able to take a walk thru Central Park because of it. the whole time it just looked like she was texting someone.

the party was great! the people were even greater!

this past weekend, we spent the 4th of July at the shack. i got to see Mark & Jill and all their kids... 14, 10, 6, 2 1/2 and one on the way... kinda makes you re-think the whole "i really wanna have a kid" gig.

we also spent time with Mamalane & Papatom and i got to see my Parker Boy. he's SO cute! we hung out in the hammock together and ate hot crackers together. he told me they were spicy but that was okay and that's why he got water. we took a nap together. i hope he's not sick this week. oh yeah, did i mention i've been sick as a dog for six days now?!?!?!? sinus cold. WTH?!?!?

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.