Tuesday, March 27, 2007



i was asked to enter a video contest on collegehumor.com. seeing as i don't have kids or a life, i suppose.

anyways, i host all my videos on vimeo.com (great site, by the way) and one of the techs asked if i wanted to to submit a video for a contest they were doing at their cousin site, College Humor. what the heck, right? so i recruited Handyman and BA to help me. like they were doing anything else....???

the parody we did is from that 70's show and it's called, "The Foreman's Basement". i have to give my man and BA props for the background. great attention to detail! it was awesome. i didn't want him to tear it down.

okay, so go here http://www.collegehumor.com/burgerking and vote. FOR US! no need to check out the other videos. i already have and they're no good... j/k!

Thanks for the support!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

vimeo friday!

okay, so you don't get a picture of me today... i know you're upset. today, i'm posting just one more great reason, i love vimeo. i know. i'm gay. but i just think it's a really great interweb community.

user FuzzyDave made a mash up of different users' videos. it came out really neat, so check it out. look for the giant sombrero. that's me!

Everybody Eats At Vimeo on Vimeo

Thursday, March 22, 2007


apparently, WMM has an AutoMovie feature i never noticed before. since i had so much footage from christmas, i decided to let AutoMovie do the editing. you put the video and the song, choose your editing genre (sports, music video, old time, etc...) and let it rip.

some of the footage, you've seen before, in previous christmas videos. apparently, WMM likes some of the same footage i do. it also likes JohnnyBowls a whole lot. he's in ALOT of the footage you'll see on both videos. it also repeats some. and it's blurry in a lot of spots. i did no editing. be prepared.

they are password protected *i don't want all the vimeonites making fun of me cuz i'm just now putting christmas video up*. password is christmas. i think the new AutoMovie thing is cool and i may adopt just cuz i'm lazy... and maybe do a little editing afterwards. maybe.

here are the links:

christmas eve - http://www.vimeo.com/clip:157850

christmas day - http://www.vimeo.com/clip:157869


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

what makes a BFF?

what makes a person your best friend? i wonder, when people say things like "she's my best friend" or "he's my best friend", what are they talking about? and are they really being truthful about who their BFF is? do they know what being a BFF means?

some people say that their significant other is their best friend. i call BS on that. in most cases. there are people who claim they found their best friend in their husband or wife or boyfriend/girlfriend and though that may seem true. is it only because you're completely consumed with them and don't have any other friends? or is it because you really share common interests and goals... and secrets? do you really tell him your deepest darkest secrets? i think not.

i have run into this "best friend" phenomenon as of late. the whole, "we're best friends more than anything else". so, if you're best friends, why not just break up and come clean? instead of sneaking around and using your friends to do it!?!?!? as discussed last nite, with my BFF, i've become more judgemental in my years. i don't wanna be, but it's there. it really sucks, because you don't want to judge your friends. they're your friends! but when they're doing such stUpid things.... it's really hard.

i have one person i can tell those secret things to. at least one person i can trust to not run and tell her husband (*cough* S1 *cough*). i'm pretty sure she knows everything there is to know about me. heh, and she still wants to hang out with me! your true best friend is the one that will slap you around when you need it, who will roll her eyes when you've just met someone last week and say you're in love, who will actually laugh at the ludicrousness of coffee farts! and who will invite you to an Aretha Franklin show only to tell you it's in the middle of the week when you can't make it, and take her mother instead. now, THAT'S a true best friend!

Monday, March 19, 2007

weekend update/recap

this weekend consisted of crawfish and beer and beer and oh, painting. and beer. we got the media room painted the way we wanted. blue on opposite sides. we got one of the office walls painted (orange) and shelves put up. i think, tomorrow, i'll put things on them. i'll be so happy when everything is painted and put up the way we want. we need pictures in the living room. we need pictures in all the rooms. more than just the magnets on the 'fridge. i also need to work on the picture we want to put over the fireplace. it's a surprise, so i'm not tellin'.

tonite, i took my mom out to dinner for her birthday. she brought along the brother who was, surprisingly, not psycho tonite. it was actually a very pleasant evening. i tried to talk to her about converting her old vhs to dvd. she won't let me do it because she's scared she'll never get the tapes back. i think she's up for it, but now i have to stay on her to do it. which includes finding a place for her to do it, take her to do it, and probably pay extra for the copies i want. i have no problem with that. i just want her to do it.

i really got nothing else. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

kill me now

is she serious with this remake??? COME! ON!

i'm not even gonna tell you what it is. you can be as shocked as i was.

Monday, March 12, 2007

weekend update/recap

fun! fun! fun!

friday - boys nite out! me, B.A, K-pOOOp, and Ryan B all met up for the Redeye/G-Love show. ohmigod, that show was so much fun! of course, the boys wanted to get all up in the crowd so we were on the floor mid-center.

the music started and the shirt came off. not mine, pOOOp's. i don't know where the hell that boy thot he was.... ACL??? Redeye was everything i expected. mellow tunes with a little zeppelin mixed in for effect. G-Love had to have had the longest. encore. ever! it was more like a second half than it was an encore. i've got video and if i get time this week, i'll put it up.

after some dancing and singing and frequent restroom trips, the show was over and we proceeded back to Onion Creek. we ran into a couple that we saw at the show. totally wasted couple. well, the girlfriend was, anyway. they kept us pretty entertained, tho.

saturday - woke up to the screaming techno music that is the Chemical Brothers on one of the movie channels pOOOp left the tv on! also, open blinds did not help at seven in the morning! i couldn't close them because he had some crazy shite hooked up from his blinds to his radio antennae so he could get... Rice Radio...??? COME! ON!

Dry Creek for yummy breakfast where we chatted about home movies (these idiots actually counted how many times they each were in my "friends" video), the show from the nite before, the upcoming crawfish boil, and random stuff you talk about when you don't see your friends enough. oh, we also saw that drunk couple again. how random is that? uh, stalk much?

afterwards, went to FrAnika's to help out with some video stuff. little did i know, her laptop is even more archaic than my old desktops and have a really old version of WMM on it. no transitions, no importing of muzak, nothing. after about an hour and a half of frustration, i took the dvd and told her i'd do it for her. ain't i nice? (of course, you know that was for purely selfish reasons, but she doesn't need to know that). Hi Maris! =)

my Daddy was in town this weekend. Hi Daddy! i made him an AWESOME dinner (if i do say so myself) of rosemary lemon pork loin, green beans w/toasted almonds, and rice pilaf. of course, i put B.A. on green bean detail, cuz why have two chefs (him and HM) in the house doing nothing??? we watched Smokin' Aces, again. it's that good.

sunday - went over to S1's for some homemade cookin'. all the siblings were there. a few took off to see Honey Bunny's tournament. i didn't go cuz it was chilly and i'm a wus. anyways, they took FIRST PLACE in the championship and got to shave BIL2's head. the girls went crazy over that! i wish i had gone, just to film that, but as i mentioned before... i'm a wus.

dad left early this morning. Bye Daddy! i probably won't see him again until July, when me and the girls head out for Frisky's birthday. until then, i'm sweet t and you're not.

p.s. there were pictures that were saved on this draft. for some reason, they aren't showing now, so i had to delete them. =\ i'll put some up with the video, later this week.

Friday, March 09, 2007

spd ryan b

tonite, i'm going to hang out with Ryan B again. he's a kool kat! we're going to the g.love & special sauce show tonite. the opening band is redeye, who i've been listening to all week. they're kind of a cross between g.love and sublime. i think they're pretty good. i'm pretty excited about the show and getting to hang out with Ryan. i've been seeing more of him lately for some odd reason. either he has no friends or he knows my friends are flakes, so he's available. KIDDING *cough* Anika *cough* =)

here's a picture i took of us, i think, three years ago. we were watching Better Than Ezra at Mardi Gras, freezing our booties off but still having a blast!

p.s. i'm doing a little experimentation in photoshop

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


after elevator being down all morning...

really naive lady: oh, the elevator's fixed????

me: nah, they're just testing to see how far up it'll go before it drops

really naive lady: reeaaally?

me: yeah. good thing i'm off on three. *elevator dings on three* whew! have a good day!

some people are just too easy

Monday, March 05, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - what the hell did i do? oh right... we did a few things around the yard and then i took my honey out to dinner. slow nite.

saturday - got up and gave my baby boy a bath for his road trip. met up with Ryan B for lunch at Dry Creek. YUM burgers!! we even ran into Brad & Dana of the WUS's. it was good to see them and catch up and let Brad go on about his gay square-headlight jeep. ick

afterwards, we made the drive to Conroe to see Mamalane & Papatom and Granna. Mamalane made the best dinner! i love that she finds new recipes every time she cooks for us. and it's always so good. another good thing is that Granna is finally taking to me. i always thot that she was indifferent towards me and never really remembers me when she sees me again. i've really wanted to get with her about how to make her peach cobbler (because that's all HM ever talks about whenever i make my own). she told me that she hasn't made it for about 3 or 4 years. peaches haven't been good enough. bad winters.

we did, however, talk about the crust she had on her pecan pie. man, that's good stuff! i told her that i couldn't get my crust like that and she OFFERED her crust recipe to me! i couldn't believe it. i couldn't believe she was actually offering her pie crust recipe to me. that's, like, sacred stuff. Mamalane says she has the recipe, but it never turns out the same. i bet she left something out of it. KIDDING! anyhoo, we took Granna home and walked the house. i wanted to ask her for the recipe while we were there, but i figured she had forgotten, so i didn't push it. not so.

today, Granna called HM and was just over herself that she forgot to give me the recipe while i was there. she likes me... she REALLY likes me! =) i'll have to compare the recipe with Mamalane's and see if we got the same one. ;o)

sunday - made a trip to Target and got a few things for Mamalane's new laptop. new flash drive and wireless keyboard/mouse. got a few things set up for her and then made our way back home. i think Ringo Dog was ready to come home more than anyone. poor baby didn't know what to do with himself, without his bubba's.

that was about it. we really enjoyed our weekend with the family. it definitely needs to happen more often. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, March 02, 2007

a march-december romance

so... i know it's march and it's been oh, three months since christmas. but that's how long it's taken me to put this together, along with other stuff i've been doing. it's not much. and i got really lazy towards the end, but here is "christmas in a flash". just a montage of things that happened and people i saw around the holidays. enjoy.

christmas montage on Vimeo