Wednesday, March 21, 2007

what makes a BFF?

what makes a person your best friend? i wonder, when people say things like "she's my best friend" or "he's my best friend", what are they talking about? and are they really being truthful about who their BFF is? do they know what being a BFF means?

some people say that their significant other is their best friend. i call BS on that. in most cases. there are people who claim they found their best friend in their husband or wife or boyfriend/girlfriend and though that may seem true. is it only because you're completely consumed with them and don't have any other friends? or is it because you really share common interests and goals... and secrets? do you really tell him your deepest darkest secrets? i think not.

i have run into this "best friend" phenomenon as of late. the whole, "we're best friends more than anything else". so, if you're best friends, why not just break up and come clean? instead of sneaking around and using your friends to do it!?!?!? as discussed last nite, with my BFF, i've become more judgemental in my years. i don't wanna be, but it's there. it really sucks, because you don't want to judge your friends. they're your friends! but when they're doing such stUpid things.... it's really hard.

i have one person i can tell those secret things to. at least one person i can trust to not run and tell her husband (*cough* S1 *cough*). i'm pretty sure she knows everything there is to know about me. heh, and she still wants to hang out with me! your true best friend is the one that will slap you around when you need it, who will roll her eyes when you've just met someone last week and say you're in love, who will actually laugh at the ludicrousness of coffee farts! and who will invite you to an Aretha Franklin show only to tell you it's in the middle of the week when you can't make it, and take her mother instead. now, THAT'S a true best friend!

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Adrienne said...

i love you man!