Thursday, March 22, 2007


apparently, WMM has an AutoMovie feature i never noticed before. since i had so much footage from christmas, i decided to let AutoMovie do the editing. you put the video and the song, choose your editing genre (sports, music video, old time, etc...) and let it rip.

some of the footage, you've seen before, in previous christmas videos. apparently, WMM likes some of the same footage i do. it also likes JohnnyBowls a whole lot. he's in ALOT of the footage you'll see on both videos. it also repeats some. and it's blurry in a lot of spots. i did no editing. be prepared.

they are password protected *i don't want all the vimeonites making fun of me cuz i'm just now putting christmas video up*. password is christmas. i think the new AutoMovie thing is cool and i may adopt just cuz i'm lazy... and maybe do a little editing afterwards. maybe.

here are the links:

christmas eve -

christmas day -


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