Wednesday, April 29, 2009

week 3?

this is the third week to have Will in the office with me. so far, so good.

there is a countdown, however. 25 days until Gisella is on Summer break and wants to watch baby a couple of times a week. i have no problem with that. she's really good with him and she loves him SO much. so, she'll have him twice a week or every other Monday. Nana will have him on Fridays and i'll bring him to work the other two days. works for me.

where else could i get that kind of support/daycare that's not outrageously priced??

Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend update/recap

not a whole lot happened to report on.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

sleepy time

Will's been sleeping more at nite now. he goes down between 6:30 - 7:30 and doesn't wake up again until between 12 -2. this is awesome for Mommy! not so awesome for Daddy. Daddy's been closing the store, meaning he doesn't get home until after 7:00. last nite, we needed stuff from the store so he went after work. i did everything in my power to keep Monkey up. we played, washed dishes, folded clothes, and even had a bath. he was still out by 7:45. Daddy missed him by 15 minutes.

this morning Daddy had tears in his eyes because he misses play time with Monkey. he was even trying to keep him up to play and all Will wanted to do was sleep. =(

don't worry, Daddy, you'll get all the play time you want this weekend, cuz Momma needs a pedicure!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i look forward to hearing about the crappy retirement home you get put in

-Miller, after seeing this picture

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

all is well

Daddy kept baby yesterday. they are both still breathing. all is well.

he had a trip to Academy which i'm sure was a fun adventure out. and he was outside with Daddy when i got home. he was pooped, tho. Daddy didn't follow the schedule so Monkey boy was tired. i got home, fed him and he was out by 6:30. he didn't wake up to feed until 11:30! my boy was tired! of course, after that, it was every two hours and no sleep for Mommy. Daddy got up and took over around 4:00am. thank god for Daddy's!

he's back at work with me today. my boss and coworkers can not believe how good and quiet he is. my boss says if this works out, there's no reason not to keep him with me until i want to put him in some kind of pre-k, or something similar, a couple of days a week. seriously, this is some crazy opportunity! i'm so grateful.

p.s. he finally smiled for Daddy yesterday.

Monday, April 20, 2009

weekend update/recap

friday - well, after it took me TWO hours just to get home from work!! i still had to pick up baby 20 minutes away. i called my mom to see if i could just stay the nite so she could help me and i could get more sleep. first week back at work has been a killer. i'm exhausted. i didn't really think it would be this bad, but it is. plus, the doc gave me zoloft, so i'm not sure if that doesn't have something to do with my tiredness.

Monkey boy was amazed at Nana's house. he was way over stimulated... too much to look at, all at once. lol i never noticed it before but good gawd she's got a lot-o-STUFF to look at!! poor thing was so tired when i got there. Aunt S1 finally got him to sleep by rocking him. i was conked out by 10pm. it would have been earlier but i was really trying to stay up until he fell asleep. Nana stayed with him and i got some sleep until the morning. yay!

saturday - after Nana made breakfast and we saw Aunt S2 and family, we made it home before the monsoon hit. it was so dark, his timing was all screwy so we napped all day.

Mamalane and Papatom braved the torrential downpour and flooding to see the little Monkey. again, i was exhausted. i went down around 8pm and didn't get back up until 10am the next morning. Mamalane was more than willing to get up with Will for feeding. man, i love my family!

sunday - a whole lot o' nothing. HM took care of Monkey so i could take a nap. man, why am i so tired? the rest of the day was spent vegging out. all three of us. Aunt S1 was going to come by but i had just got him down and he had been fighting it all day. it was best not to jack with him.

tomorrow, Daddy's taking care of the Monkey. we'll see how it goes.

until next time, i'm sweet and you're not.

Friday, April 17, 2009


so today is my first day away from the Monkey. i'm doing okay so far, keeping busy with work. i'm just really pissed that i left my phone at home!!! now i'm all freaking out, thinking what if something happens and my mom can't call me and other ridiculous thoughts. she has my work number.. and HM's number and the pediatrician's number. it's just me being a nervous wreck since i can't see him and what he's doing.

mom said he was smiling at her this morning. i know i'm cranky because of the lack of sleep but i can't believe how lucky we are that our baby is such a good baby. he's a happy baby. he's got such a good disposition. very very lucky! knock on wood that it continues.

Mommy misses you, Monkey. kisses.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

smile for the camera

he's smiling at me now. and not just cuz it's gas. he's smiling at me cuz he likes me! it's the most awesome thing.

if i could only get him to do it when i'm taking a picture, that would be cool.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

we got pics!

"peek a boo"

"sup, ladies?"

"who's a sexy man?"

Thursday, April 09, 2009

hi ho, hi ho

i'm going back to work next week. i start back on wednesday, with baby in tow. I KNOW!! my company is totally awesome! when i told them i was looking for daycare near the office, they asked, "why not just bring him in with you"? can you say, "huh"??? i was floored. they've asked me to let them know what i need in regards to changing tables, etc. how amazingly awesome is that??? please cross your fingers for me in hopes that it all actually works out.

in other news, we're going to see all the cousins for Easter, this weekend. Monkey Boy's going to meet all his second cousins for the first time. and of course, get to see all his first cousins, too. this will be his first long trip. let's hope we can make the 2.5 hour drive without any baby catastrophes. we're planning on getting up, feeding him, then taking off. hopefully, we can make it there before his next feeding or before he completely spazzes out on us.

he really has been a great baby. spazzing is not a common thing for him. thank gawd! he's not a big cryer...yet. he's still in the cycle of eat, sleep and poop. that's about it. and i'm totally okay with it!

ah crap! i just turned off my pump and woke him up. gotta go. until next time.

Friday, April 03, 2009

peace out

enjoy your weekend!

hi! how ya doin?

i know it's been a while since i've updated... and i really need to post more pics of my kid. but dayum, it's hard! i have a newfound respect for Stay-At-Home-Mom's now, that's for sure. how the hell do they do it??? i was almost losing it the first 3 weeks. i'm okay now. mamalane has come and stayed with us a few nites. and my mom has been over once a week to take care of the middle of the nite feedings. also, my neighbor, Gisella comes over sometimes after she gets off of work. she comes to play with Monkey Boy while i shower or clean or eat. they've all really been a great help.

it's getting better and definitely easier now that i'm getting the hang of things. yes, i can leave his side and he'll be fine. i guess i can also talk on the phone while he's asleep, i just choose not to (i don't want to risk waking him up with my loud self). my usual talk time was in the car (hands-free of course). now that i'm hardly ever in the car, i'm not talking to anyone a whole lot. family and addie, that's about it. i can gather i won't be on the phone much when i get back in the car if Monkey Boy is with me either. to me, that's our time. our personal time. sure, a quick "pick this up" or "on our way home" but not full on conversations. i can't stand to see people on the phone with their kids in the car looking bored out of their minds.

anyway, i'm working on taking more pictures of MB. i'll do my best to put them in my daily photo on flickr. so there's something to look forward to, right?

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.