Wednesday, April 26, 2006

third time's a charm

so i'm skipping the gym, again, today. that will make three days in a row that i didn't work out. the last two days was because of my neck/back/shoulder crick thing and now it's because i have a massive head cold! to S1: i can't breafe!

so i'm stopping on my way home, to pick up some cold medicine. i really hope my trainer doesn't think i'm just flaking out. i had to call and cancel my pilates for today. hopefully, i'll feel better by tomorrow, that i won't have to cancel my weight session.

this is so frustrating!!

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

weekend update/recap

sorry i'm late, peeps. to tell you about my weekend... not a damn thing happened!

to start with, when i woke up saturday, i had a crick in my neck from sleeping on a hard pillow, i was guessing. i got up and went to the gym anyway. i was late for my kwando class so decided to get on the treadmill for a while. crick still there. then, i got on another machine for a while and decided to go home. i didn't do my full hour of cardio... maybe about 40 minutes or so. plus, i was tired as hell! more happy hour on friday! i was home by 8:30 but passed out soon after.

saturday, after the gym, my "crick" grew into a massive back strain. the whole upper left side of my back/shoulder/neck was frozen! i felt like dogshit because HM and i had planned to clean the garage out this weekend. i couldn't do anything. i couldn't even lift my arm over my head. so, he did alot himself. seriously... today, it still hurts to YAWN! he really thot i was faking it until i asked him to get me something and he smarted off so i called him an a-hole. he knew i wasn't joking, then. he apologized later. i just apologized to him, today.

elias, a friend of HM's, came over saturday just to hang out. billy & lil' bit stopped by to change clothes and get ready for a wedding. thank god for lil' bit. she gave me two vicodin to get thru the nite. if it wasn't for her, i would have never got out of bed saturday.

we ventured out saturday nite (that vicodin really works). we went to a little hole-in-the-wall down the road we've been wanting to check out. very nice. miss mary was very kind to us and told us stories of the fishing and the boats and the jet ski's. it's a place we will go back to.. plus, they had $1.50 beers!! how could you NOT go back to a place with $1.50 beers?!?!?? addie, i'll take you when you come to visit. it's one of those places you would expect me to take you to but you would never go on your own.

sunday, it was more back pain and heating pad. HM even rubbed some ben-gay(ish) type stuff on me. it all helped, but not enough to give myself a shower and get to work on monday.

today, i'm better. i still can't look up or look to my left, but i'm not in serious pain anymore. i missed the gym yesterday and i won't be going today either. i'm going to see if HM wants to take the boys for a walk tonite so at least i'll feel like i'm doing something. i ate pretty bad this weekend, so every little bit will help. speaking of lil' bits... she needs to give me some more of that vicodin!

good nite! i'm Sweet T and you're not.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

take me out to the ball game

overheard in the restroom stall last nite:

drunk girl: we've been gone for houuuurs

sober girl: we haven't been gone for hours

drunk girl: *hiccup* we've been gone for two five and half hours

sober girl: sigh *groan*

so, technically, does that mean they've been gone for 22 hours???

Monday, April 17, 2006


congrats to CGSD3! my little sister and her manny are engaged!

a very sweet engagement story, too. they got engaged during their dance lessons... a ballroom proposal. ooh, i wonder if the disco ball was on? now it's your turn JGSD4.

note: CGSD3 & JGSD4 are my younger siblings. they both live about 40 minutes away from me and we've recently (in the last year) picked up correspondence again. S1, myself, CGSD3, and JGSD4... we have one common denominator, the sperm donor. but we don't let that dampen our spirits as sisters. =)

JGSD4, S1, me, and CGSD3

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Monday, April 10, 2006

Thursday, April 06, 2006

...and another thing

i have yet to keep up with the daily photo since the move. it might as well turn into the 'weekly' photo at the rate i'm going now!

i also don't have time to even upload what i do have and put it on ofoto for everyone else to see. yes, because i know you are DYING to see all the pictures i puke onto your computer screens. of course, there are pictures you actually might want to see, like pictures from the crawfish boil or pictures of the mustang (for you boy readers) or even pictures of HM in a bubble bath. okay, maybe you don't wanna see that last one, but i like to give you options.

i'm going to try my damndest to fit all of this (it sounds like so much when really, it isn't) in on a daily basis. i did it before. of course, i had almost 2 extra hours of no drive time. and of course, i wasn't at the gym until whenever. as it is, i'm on my lunch break and i have found time to update but still with no pictures. they are all on the laptop. my poor baby, laptop (Lappy). i'm sure she misses me as much as i do her. hold on, Lappy... momma's coming!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

life or something like it

it would appear, now, that i have no life. how in the HELL do people have jobs, go to the gym, make dinner, AND have KIDS!?!?!? i don't even HAVE the kids yet and i feel like i can't do it.

here's what the schedule looks like:

6:00am - wake up
6:45-7:00am - leave house (if i leave any later than 6:55, i'm totally screwed with traffic)
7:45am - get to work
work work work work work
4:00-4:30pm - leave work
5:00pm - get to gym
6:30-6:45pm - attempt to leave gym
7:00pm - get home
7:05-7:30 - feed dogs and start dinner
7:30-8:00pm - dinner
10:00pm - bedtime

after dinner, it could be a variety of things. anything from laundry to loading/unloading the dishwasher to getting all my food and clothes together for the next day. it seems like i have no time for anything else. this is the cycle. it's a far cry from getting home at 4:30, watching the end of oprah and taking a nap because you're bored with her. now... there is no oprah and there is no nap. and you'll notice there is NO LAPTOP TIME?!?!?! WHAT THE???

i know i'm doing all this for a good cause and when i reach my goal i may scale down my days at the gym. we'll cross that bridge when we get to it. i think, as soon as i streamline the "getting my food together" process, it'll take no time at all to prepare and i may have an extra 20 minutes to take the boys for a walk or play on the laptop. but for now? it ain't happenin'.

so note to all my kiddies out there: i will be at your games again, one day, in the not so distant future. but for now, it's all about the weekends with you folks. and only after my 9:00am kwando class!

Monday, April 03, 2006

weekend update/recap

friday - DATE NITE! somebody slap me!... if i ever say i want to leave HM. if friday nite is any indication of how "til death do us part" will be, then count me in. i started a new workout regimen last week, friday only being my second day and i was sore. so sore that my legs felt like rubber when coming down the stairs. so sore that i couldn't sit on the toilet without holding onto something. so sore that... you get the picture.

i let him know when i was leaving the gym and told him i was going to stop and get some epsom salt (for soaking). that was all good with him since dinner wasn't quite ready just yet. so when i get home, he already had the tub filled with hot water and bubbles and candles lit all around. how sweet is that? not only did he have it filled but he also had three more pots of water, boiling, to add to the tub.

i was so comatose after about 15 minutes that i had to get out and shower it off. i was that sore!

date nite included salmon, dirty rice, caesar salad, and green beans with pecans. so good. we sat outside with the boys and had a glass of wine after. then, came in to watch a movie. a movie that i don't think we watched after all. something was wrong with the sound or something.

saturday - got up early for the 9:00 am kwando class. afterwards, i went to meet S1 for pedicures. we both seriously needed them. uh... one of us more than the other (i'm not mentioning any names). but there were only two of us there. and it wasn't me. ;)

that evening, we painted some of the game rooom and grilled t-bones. gotta get the good stuff before i start poppin' the kids out. BIL1 said after we have kids, it'll be hot dogs and hamburger helper. can't wait. ugh.

sunday - it was kind of a lazy day. we started to paint the room for the princess. it's now going to be half white and half lime green, instead of the original plan. i'm guessing she'll fill the top half with all the colors she wanted.

that's the weekend in a nutshell. no unpacking, no cleaning the garage. this was our first "down" weekend and we enjoyed every bit of it. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.