Thursday, October 30, 2008

10SQ Halloween Special

my buddy, ThommyBrowne put together a video for Halloween. it's a 10 second question video. meaning, your answer has to be in 10 seconds or less. there are quite a few people in it, including yours truly. enjoy!

Halloween 10SQ 2008 from Thommy Browne on Vimeo.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

everybody's fine

i had plenty to post on the weekend update, i just don't have the time. i'm in the process of trying to keep my job, you see. we're having to keep productivity on everything we do. it's a nightmare trying to prove your worth to someone who has no clue what you do.

in other news, i was in a MINOR car accident yesterday. I'M OKAY! we got hit on the passenger side (guess who the passenger was? me!) of a big Dodge Ram truck. the Explorer that hit us, basically T-boned the truck i was in. at point of impact, i turned to the side so the door went into my ass. i've got a bruise.

Little Willy's fine. the doctor said there was no separation and the heart rate was normal. baby boy not in distress. all good! i don't even have to tell you everything that went through my head after we got hit. the driver is a co-worker. she and the other passenger were freaking me out more than i needed to be freaked out. the driver was bawling because she thot she had hurt me and the baby. once i felt him move again, tho, i felt a LOT better.

i'll try to get back later on that weekend update. by then, you probably won't even want to read it, tho. we'll see.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

if you don't wanna know...

don't highlight the space below.


i waddled today

for the first time ever, i waddled while i was walking. i noticed it. i actually noticed myself waddling and stopped in my tracks, "oh shit! i'm waddling!"

in my defense, i was carrying a lot of stuff and was off balance.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i saw my first sign of stretch marks. tiny, but they're there.

Monday, October 20, 2008

weekend update/recap

the weekend started on Thursday. i picked Addie up from the airport, went for fish tacos, then headed home.

friday - took the day off and Addie slaved me all day. first, we decorated the house for Halloween. next, we ran around town looking for a guitar for Shaggy and getting the rest of the goodies for the Halloween cupcake and cookie decorating! no nap.

later, we went to Booger's football game. he's a junior in high school now! good gawd, i'm old! after the game, we resumed the search for the guitar. he had to have the guitar!!

saturday - we made it out to Shaggy's go-cart party WITH THE GUITAR. yes, we found it. only to find out, today, we bought him a LEFT-HANDED guitar! i can't win. now i gotta look for the receipt which is highly unlikely since everything got trashed all together, this weekend.

also, BA took the carpet off the stairs, so if you come over and the stairs look crappy it's because we haven't put the new floor down yet. it's coming.

sunday - sunday was fun... but exhausting. the boys and strong girls were outside building the fence.

the little boys and weak girls were inside decorating cupcakes and cookies.

we had a smaller crowd than usual but it was still fun. we even got to hang out with Parker Boy for the day. then he got fussy so i sent him to the living room. yeah, i'm gonna be a great mom!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Monday, October 13, 2008

weekend update

friday - lonely. HM was in Indy this weekend. i should have gone to New Guy's happy hour but i really didn't feel like getting out or leaving the dogs inside all nite. as much as they are DRIVING ME FRIKKING CRAZY, i couldn't do it.

saturday - bored. had to leave the house. called S1. met her and kids at Michael's. i needed to get stuff to make Halloween soaps anyway. when i got there, they were decorating pumpkins and i got stuff to make the soaps. i got a bunch of fingers and rings and more soap. i ended up bringing Princess and The Child Who Eats Nothing We Cook back home with me so they could help. they came out
really cool!

sunday - the plan was to take the girls home after soaps, but it got late and i didn't feel like it. so, up at the butt crack of dawn on Sunday, i had to take them home. Princess had an early game.

the rest of the day was spent cleaning (sort of) and napping. OH, and i felt Duanita for the first time!! nothing major, just a little flutter.

HM is home now. all is well. i missed him. i lurve him. i'm so glad he's back! no more weekend trips without me!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

Friday, October 10, 2008

who are the people in your neighborhood?

no idea! we've been here three years and i still have no clue who my neighbors are. sure, we see them around outside, but we never really talk to any of them, except for Gisella (she lives across and three doors down) and the neighbor behind us. Gisella's a sweetie. a do anything for you kinda neighbor. the neighbor behind us... she's a bit odd. maybe odd's not the right word. drunk? yeah, that fits a little better. but she's on of those "fun" drunks. i mean, Addie became BFF's with her at the last crawfish boil.

anyway... after being startled and almost crapping my pants, last nite, because Fun Drunk knocked on my BACK DOOR!! she invited me over for BUNCO. i don't do BUNCO so i was a little hesitant. she said they were short two, so i called G and made her go with me. it was actually fun!

we met a bunch of other drunk people from the neighborhood. ladies that live within blocks of me. cool ladies. like, ladies i would be friends with. well, a couple of them. FD made it fun. there was a Halloween theme so people were in costume.

i asked FD to sign me up as a sub. the ladies were cool and it was fun to get to know people that live nearby. and BUNCO's not that bad, i guess. i'll give it another shot for friends.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

stir crazy

i bow down to all you people able to work from home. i am not cut out for it. today, i practically begged my boss to let me come into the office next week. i think i may have even started to tear up... and that's when he said, "okay". thank gawd!!

i'm going crazy at home! i can't do it. while i'm working, i've caught up on all Ugly Betty episodes thus far in the season, watched a few movies, and played with the dogs. i freak out if i miss an email because then i think, "ohmigod, if i don't answer it right away they'll think i'm out getting a pedi". i don't want people to think that. they already don't know what i do when i'm IN the office. i don't want people questioning what i'm doing working OUT of the office.

so i go back to the make-shift office on Monday. YAY! and HM gets his un-cranky wife back.

Friday, October 03, 2008

note for Duanita

so i was giving birth and my baby came out with a black eye. then i couldn't figure out if it was a black eye or if her eyes were droopy because she had down syndrome. then S1 came over and said it was just a black eye and with a wipe of her hand, it went away. i said, "see Alex, Aunt Ronnie fixed you". then Ronnie said, "no, she looks like a Bella". and that's how you were named. Isabella.

i hope you're a girl. cuz that would be a really bad name for a boy.

your dad will probably call you Izzy, so be prepared.