Wednesday, October 08, 2008

stir crazy

i bow down to all you people able to work from home. i am not cut out for it. today, i practically begged my boss to let me come into the office next week. i think i may have even started to tear up... and that's when he said, "okay". thank gawd!!

i'm going crazy at home! i can't do it. while i'm working, i've caught up on all Ugly Betty episodes thus far in the season, watched a few movies, and played with the dogs. i freak out if i miss an email because then i think, "ohmigod, if i don't answer it right away they'll think i'm out getting a pedi". i don't want people to think that. they already don't know what i do when i'm IN the office. i don't want people questioning what i'm doing working OUT of the office.

so i go back to the make-shift office on Monday. YAY! and HM gets his un-cranky wife back.

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