Monday, October 20, 2008

weekend update/recap

the weekend started on Thursday. i picked Addie up from the airport, went for fish tacos, then headed home.

friday - took the day off and Addie slaved me all day. first, we decorated the house for Halloween. next, we ran around town looking for a guitar for Shaggy and getting the rest of the goodies for the Halloween cupcake and cookie decorating! no nap.

later, we went to Booger's football game. he's a junior in high school now! good gawd, i'm old! after the game, we resumed the search for the guitar. he had to have the guitar!!

saturday - we made it out to Shaggy's go-cart party WITH THE GUITAR. yes, we found it. only to find out, today, we bought him a LEFT-HANDED guitar! i can't win. now i gotta look for the receipt which is highly unlikely since everything got trashed all together, this weekend.

also, BA took the carpet off the stairs, so if you come over and the stairs look crappy it's because we haven't put the new floor down yet. it's coming.

sunday - sunday was fun... but exhausting. the boys and strong girls were outside building the fence.

the little boys and weak girls were inside decorating cupcakes and cookies.

we had a smaller crowd than usual but it was still fun. we even got to hang out with Parker Boy for the day. then he got fussy so i sent him to the living room. yeah, i'm gonna be a great mom!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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