Friday, October 10, 2008

who are the people in your neighborhood?

no idea! we've been here three years and i still have no clue who my neighbors are. sure, we see them around outside, but we never really talk to any of them, except for Gisella (she lives across and three doors down) and the neighbor behind us. Gisella's a sweetie. a do anything for you kinda neighbor. the neighbor behind us... she's a bit odd. maybe odd's not the right word. drunk? yeah, that fits a little better. but she's on of those "fun" drunks. i mean, Addie became BFF's with her at the last crawfish boil.

anyway... after being startled and almost crapping my pants, last nite, because Fun Drunk knocked on my BACK DOOR!! she invited me over for BUNCO. i don't do BUNCO so i was a little hesitant. she said they were short two, so i called G and made her go with me. it was actually fun!

we met a bunch of other drunk people from the neighborhood. ladies that live within blocks of me. cool ladies. like, ladies i would be friends with. well, a couple of them. FD made it fun. there was a Halloween theme so people were in costume.

i asked FD to sign me up as a sub. the ladies were cool and it was fun to get to know people that live nearby. and BUNCO's not that bad, i guess. i'll give it another shot for friends.

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Steph said...

Dude! If you think neighbors are fun, just wait until you have that kid and get to enjoy afternoon "playdates".. made more tolerable with bloody marys. :)