Monday, January 22, 2007

weekend update/recap

friday - i was supposed to be riding up with S1 and Princess to pick up Booger's truck. it's been in the shop for whatever an '84 truck might need for a 15 year old to tear apart. after waiting for S1 to get in gear, we find out BIL1 is on his way into town, already driving the truck. wasted hour? uh... yeah.

she convinces me to stick around and we'll go to dinner anyway. dinner? dinner. who eats dinner at taco cabana?? i didn't know what to order. i don't think i've ever been there sober or not at breakfast. i was at a loss.

afterwards, she convinced me to ride with her after all. we had to go to port arthur. she didn't convince me so much as she just went behind my back and called my husband (my excuse to stay) and asked if i could go with her. she gave him some sad sack story about not wanting to ride home alone... wah.

it wasn't bad. i took Lappy and we watched
Four Brothers on the way. the short bus wasn't bad. a little jumpy. but it had an ac plug along with an av plug-in so that we could hear the movie on the stereo speakers.

i got home at midnite and my honey had been pretty busy. he put a light and outlet in the new storage room. pret-ty cool. pictures of that, later.

saturday - went to party city. that place rocks! we had to get balloons for some old guy's birthday. =) GOOD TIMES!

me and my daddy

his two great loves; pool and guitars

old buddies

Dad and the Stepmonster
sunday - lazy day. long nite. tomorrow is project nite so we'll continue on the storage room. i'll put pics up, after.

until then, i'm sweet and you're not.

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Shaniqua said...

Your dad seems like a pretty cool man. I guess that's where you get it from?