Wednesday, May 18, 2005

burnin' down the house

you really gotta watch that rachael ray and all her gadgetry cooking. her 30 minute meals are 30 minutes cuz she has the high-tech stove that doesn't burn down the building while cooking at 500 degrees! i, on the other hand, have the vintage 1970's stove that was probably the first stove to ever go into the apartment. thus, it has issues.

while cooking pinwheel steaks at 500 d (ala rachael ray), of course, the whole apt starts filling with smoke. i open a couple of windows...doesn't help. i open the front door...bad idea. the smoke alarm in the building went off. it wasn't on my floor, tho. i think it had already reached the 3rd and 2nd floors (i live on the 4th). i called ali (landlord) to tell him not to worry, it's just me cooking. like he didn't get a big laugh out of that. HM is the chef in this relationship and everyone knows it.

no fires and we ate good! pinwheel steaks and crusty cheesy pecan covered artichoke hearts.

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