Friday, May 27, 2005


so my sister invites me to this slumber party/scavenger hunt/sleepover thing. something her neighbor is doing. i like her neighbor and it sounds like fun, so i'll go.

it was supposed to be friday. i thot, COOL - i can go to the party and catch
jesse dayton's show on saturday. why do people always have to change plans? now she's changed it to saturday and i'm gonna miss jesse. NOT cool. on top of all that, i get a call from my sister. i asked her what time i need to be there. "4:00 at olive garden", she says. 4:00? WTF? are we trying to catch the early bird special??

i don't know what these people have planned, but it better be good. meeting at 4:00. i love my sister and all, but truly...there's only so much i can take. plus, i gotta spend the nite with the girl, too! =)

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