Monday, November 28, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - got up and went to sistah sweet cheek's place. she's been sick and wasn't able to make it to her mom's for the holiday. she had been eating off of the ham she was supposed to take. ET was kind enough to let me make a plate for her.

i also had lunch w/HM and went grocery shopping for the weekend. note to HM: do not send me shopping for meat ever again. addie got to HM's soon after. i can't really remember what we did. i'm pretty sure it involved watching the big screen and stuffing our faces. damn... what DID we do friday?

saturday - we were supposed to go to S1's and take some family photos. since it was raining out, she didn't wanna do it. so, addie and i went shopping. well... addie went shopping. i went for shopping support. we hit a few stores then came back for a snack. left again for something else that i don't remember. what the hell is going on with my memory???

that nite, HM grilled us up some good stuff. shrimp enbrochette and talapia with some special sauce and sweet potatoe something or other. good stuff! we were supposed to trim the tree but we were so full it didn't happen.

sunday - addie and i went to see
walk the line (to get out of HM's hair). good flick. i actually thot i might want to buy the dvd when it comes out. kinda long, but still good. amazing how he sounded like johnny cash. not a bad singer, at all.

we had a good time trimming the tree and putting all the CAR ornaments on it. it's so cute hearing HM talk about each ornament... how he got it and what kind of car it is.

that's about it for the weekend. it seems like a lot more happened but something's going on with my memory. then again, i do recall just sitting in front of the big screen for quite a bit of it.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

p.s. friday, i also remember taking the mustang to the body shop then stopping at happy hour. after that, i'm drawing a blank.

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