Thursday, February 02, 2006

rock lobster

tonite i had a date with the booger. no pictures... HM has the camera. anyways, as per usual, he wants to go to red lobster. i vow to, one day, show that boy what good seafood is!

our date was for his birthday dinner. yes, it was back in december but we've both been pretty busy. and as i've said before... it's just not cool to hang out with your aunt when you're 14 and mr. popular! the little shit only wanted to suddenly go because he was grounded. fine. use me.

seriously... we have nothing to talk about. it was pretty silent the whole way up there. except for the necessary talk of trying to get him to go somewhere else. at red lobster, we find a common ground... sports. thank god i know something about sports! we talked football, cuz that's the one i know, a little baseball and very little basketball. we both think the texans need a new offensive line, roger needs to retire no matter where he's at now and there are too many injuries for the rockets so they suck.

we also talked cars. he'll be driving in two years. he wants a black jeep wrangler, hard top. i told him that was useless cuz why bother getting a jeep if you can't take the top off. well... you can. but it's a lot harder. he said soft tops are too loud and he'd rather take the doors off. such a boy thing to do. he made his point later when i asked if he wanted to go to Baskin-Robbins. he replied with, "no, i don't like Batman & Robin". smartass.

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