Monday, December 26, 2005

weekend update/recap

merry christmas everyone!

friday - i thot i'd never get out of work! but i did. made my way to my fiancee', almost having a near wreck. ass-munchers on the road. the streets were filled with tourons! everybody on their damn cell phones!

HM had a christmas eve eve party. lots of fun, i had a few of my friends show up. i would show you pictures but being the dumbass i am today, i forgot my picture card in the video bag at HM's (below is one from the card i did bring home). i'll show more later this week. i got some really cool stuff, tho. candles, candle holders, a picture frame for ringo, a bottle of wine, santa ornament, gift card for target, and a wonder woman cookie jar!

we made our big announcement as well. we're getting married at THE SHACK. yes, THE BEACH SHACK! it was ET's idea. HM said he had thot about it but was too scared to bring it up to me. all i wanted was to have a very casual wedding on a pretty beach. casual, it is. beach, we got. pretty.... we'll see what we can do with it. we gotta see what papatom will let us do with it. we also moved it back to october. no date set yet.

like i said, originally, we thot of getting married on the beaches of mexico. but the more we thot about it and the cost our guests would have to incur and the limited guest list because of it being so far, the shack sounded like a plan. it's where we met, so it's special to us.

saturday - it's christmas eve!! we spent the evening at S1's. wrapping paper, bows, and gifts all over the place. the kids were having a blast!

i got a gift card for foley's (thank god! i need some lipstick), some cash, and scene it - movie edition. my brother got KISS rubber duckies and both S1 & S2 got tv and music trivia games.

i think the highlight of the evening was HM's gift to everyone. from the "key" video, you know S1 never has towels in her guest bath. HM thot it would be funny to give everyone hand towels for christmas. they were tie towels. everyone tied them around their necks or belt buckles. they came in really handy. we ended the evening at 21 w/ringo, megan and smooth.

sunday - it christmas day!!! santa was so good to me! he brought me the one thing i've been wanting forever... a SONICARE! he also brought me the record player hallmark ornament i wanted and some diamond earrings! is he the best fiancee' ever or what???

later, it was christmas dinner at the stratt's. granna, aunt lizbeth(sp?), mamalane, papatom, topher, rob... the whole gang was there. after dinner, the boys sat around telling stories that reminded me of my dad and his siblings telling stories. those boys were bad.

today - christmas is over. i went to see sistah sweet cheeks and received the
Retro Housewife book. a tribute to the 50's housewife. guess she thot i might need some help.

it was a very good christmas! i'm happy with everything! especially the SONICARE! you people just don't know how freaky i am about my teeth. time to get ready for new year's eve. addie's coming in to celebrate with us. she also wants to cook all the traditional new year's day fixin's. it's all her.

to see all the christmas eve photos, click here. good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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