Tuesday, December 20, 2005

i can name that tune in SIX seconds...

OMG!! last nite was so much fun! of course, you all know that i got NAME THAT TUNE - 80's Edition for christmas. so as soon as i call S1 and tell her, immediately she calls S2 and the game is ON!
we met at S1's house at 7:00 and it started full force. of course there were an odd number of us so we made teams. S2 brought a friend and S1 had friends over already. i'm not gonna lie... me and my sisters will kick ass on any 80's music trivia game so we had to split up. we took partners that didn't even know who 38 special is!!! the horror! i gotta say, my partner pulled his weight. except for the AC/DC question. he should have known that. but he saved himself on the Slash question.

there were times when we were in tears. sometimes from laughing so hard and other times from KNOWING the song that just would not form words from your mouth!! S2's partner actually got teary because she KNEW the animotion song! she had JUST listened to it and it was IN.HER.CAR.as we played!! seriously.

there are also videos that you have to watch. you either have to Name That Group or Name That Song or answer trivia from a video clip. that one is the hardest. then it's on to Bid A Vid where you have to name the tune in however many seconds you said you could. S1 had such an easy one with the Ramones' Rock and Roll High School (we both watched that movie 50+ times) but by the time she got through all her drama from knowing the answer, her time was already up! she didn't get the answer and we got the point! HA!

i'm going to have to find refill cards because i have a feeling this will be played A LOT in the coming months. my sisters and i thank HM for giving us "all" such a great gift!!

p.s. did anyone else notice the before and after change of pants???

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Anonymous said...

I'm a pretty good 80's music fan myself. Gotta play soon.