Monday, December 12, 2005

weekend update\recap

overall concensus = good

friday - work "holiday" party. geesh! why can't people just say CHRISTMAS party anymore??? frikkin' hannukwanza! good times, tho. afterwards, we went downtown for a couple of drinks. bad idea. why do people always want to give us shots?!?!?!?

saturday - hungover like a mutha! HM had to drag me out of bed, caveman style, to ride to Houston with him. after sleeping off the hangover and going shopping for a bra (i forgot to pack one since i was drug out of bed and put in the truck in my robe and slippers) i met HM at his store. it was
Lights in the Heights. it's a pretty big deal in that area and he hadn't been the past couple of years. it's pretty neat. they have bands and choirs and random christmas stuff to see in the neighborhood. you just walk around this six-block radius and check everything out.

sunday - woke up and made my man breakfast in bed. we did some shopping and then back to the island. went to fedi's party later. no pictures... haven't quite been in the picture taking mood lately.

so that was it. low-key. thank you and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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