Monday, December 19, 2005

weekend update\recap

friday - was happy hour at my place. since everyone is lame and "has christmas stuff to do" alot of people backed out. other people got off work early and didn't want to come back. i don't blame 'em. my true friends showed up. all two of them! HM was there, too. he got off work early to come help me set up. of course, this was for the 10+ people i was expecting to begin with. we had a really good time, tho, with manny & pollie.

afterwards, we went down to 21 with our christmas hats on. how cute are we? don't answer that. anyways, mine is red sequined, HM's is an elf ear hat. too cute. we didn't stay out late because i wanted to get up "earlier" than usual to prepare for his parents coming down the next day.

saturday - why is it that now that i'm making an effort to get up early, the retard i am in love with now tells me, "go back to bed. it's still early". arrgghh! i'm so kicking his @ss. so we get moving around and he tells me he forgot his cufflinks. we search the island looking for "less than $40" cufflinks. no dice. he improvised. he took my favorite pearl mardi gras bead necklace (i couldn't watch) and made cufflinks. how's that for a handyman? when his brother showed up with his cufflinks, later, the pearls actually looked better.

mamalane, papatom, topher and hayley all arrived and the festivities began. we really wanted to send a horse and carriage to get mamalane and papatom but we were too late. they were already walking the seven blocks to get to us. if you ask me, it was too damn cold to be walking. they're braver than i am.

we opened our presents. topher really dug the posters we had made and mamalane wanted pot warmers.... is that what they're called? HM's showing off his sweater, below, from mamalane and papatom.

i got some cool wine toppers and a wine bottle cover thingy, that's all beaded and shiny. i already put it on one of my bottles. here's HM showing off his model GT. it's the same paint scheme as his real mustang. yes, it does exist. i also got "NAME THAT TUNE" 80's edition! YAY! i can't wait to have my sisters over for that!

after presents, we made our way to rudy & paco's for dinner...

after dinner, we went to see the production of A Tuna Christmas at The Grand Opera House. it's a really cute show. i love all the different characters they play. then on to "shake some ass" at 21! mamalane and papatom were gettin' down! they held out later than i thot they would.

sunday - HM got up to get us breakfast and we just kinda hung around the apartment all day. we went for a walk, later, to do some shopping. i don't think we actually bought anything, tho. we just kinda played around in the stores.

it was a fun weekend. a good time had by all, i would have to say. i'm glad HM got to spend time with his brother before he moves and we were all able to share our little family christmas on the island for the last time. last time on the island *sigh*. for all pictures of the weekend, click here.

good nite and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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