Thursday, December 29, 2005

oh, but am I ever gonna see my wedding day

wedding bell blues, 5th dimension

so i finally "brided" out and got my first bride magazines. i got Modern Bride and BRIDES. HM just about freaked out when i told him. he asked why i was starting to act like a "normal" bride. when i recited this back to mamalane, she responded, "oh no honey, a normal bride would have been buying them the day she got the ring!" well, i got my ring in september... so there!

addie also gave me some advice on managing all the information i'm going to be coming into. she gave me a list of things to get:

-binder (holds all information)
-dividers (separates info)
-sheet protectors (for cut outs of hair, dresses, etc)
-paper (jotting notes)
i'll get it today

it's the best thing anyone's told me to do so far. so now i'm ready to be a "bride-to-be". i also looked at the bridal extravaganza website. the bridal extravaganza is only texas' biggest "must attend" event for engaged couples. i think mamalane and i are going to check that one out. get ideas and what not. i'm getting pretty excited.


Steph said...

Okay. The 'binder' idea came from yours truly and I want credit where credit is due! :) Actually, I'm sure lots of brides have a binders, but I rememeber Addie commenting at how impressive it was. Mine was the uber-mega-ultra mack-daddy BINDER. Replete with a portable hole punch, for god's sake. It went with me EV-ER-Y-WERE and lived in my car, so it was always at hand for quick decisions, if needed.

It also served as a weird sort of time capsule piece afterwards. Documenting all the madness. :)

Adrienne said...

Sadly, it wasn't Steph's binder that I got the idea from. And, I'm afraid that I don't even remember Steph having a binder. The bride I was referring to was my friend Katie in Phoenix who brought her book ALL THE WAY to Gatesville and showed me how impressive it was and that it had been in the making for about 10 years. Not kidding. She had swatches, samples, notes about food, places, etc.etc.etc. I was overcome and my mind was boggled by the thought. I may have even hyperventilated.

Steph said...

..doesn't remember my binder? And Addie was the one that commented on my portable hole punch (err.. I think it was a quasi-slam against my anal rentetiveness). Happened in the Novak/Melton Balcones apartment. Over a tilapia dinner, as I recall. I hear the memory is first to go when you get old though... ;)

Adrienne said...

Ummmmm......yeah....still cannot remember, but since I am the baby of the bunch (me, Steph, & Tari) I hope turning 36 doesn't give me grand delusions of memory loss. May need to have Lori referee this one.

islebehere said...

okay... you girls can get lori to referee, but i'm still laughing about the portable hole punch! lol