Tuesday, May 01, 2007

extreme makeover: blog edition

you may have noticed something new today. the design on my blog comes to you from the very creative, very talented, newly nuptialized Sam of sam's mad skillz. i had noticed on her daily blog, that she had been experimenting with different areas of photoshop, CSS, HTML, etc. i thot, "hmm, i bet she would know the dimensions i need, to create a new header... and exactly where to place it". so i delurked and shot her off an email.

she emailed me back pretty quickly, considering she was getting married THE NEXT DAY and said she would get right on it. i didn't expect her to actually make the header, but she went full force with it.. and who am i to keep you from your dreams? that is, if your dream is to make a new header and template for some HTML-challenged girl who reads your blog but never comments.

it looks GREAT, doesn't it? i told her that i wanted a palm tree/island sort of feel but not overly done. and that i wanted the palm tree for the "I" in islebehere. you can read about that little adventure, here. thumbs up on creativeness and colors.

i lurve my new layout! thanks Sam!

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Sam said...

I'm giddy. Really. I feel like a schoolgirl that just did something really naughty but that felt SO GOOD. Like eating tons of sugar out of the bag, without even chocolate or soda to go with it. Just straight sugar. Ahhhh..... yummy.