Monday, January 26, 2009

weekend update/recap

friday - made soaps! i thot it would be a good idea to make baby soaps for everyone at the family shower, as a thank you. they came out really cute, if i do say so myself. i made mini ones, clear ones, blue ones, and turquoise baby blue ones (i liked those best). now i just have to come up with the packaging. which i'm pretty sure i can take care of this week. i'm pretty sick so i've been useless. we'll see how the rest of the week goes.

saturday - got up and got a pedi. i'm sure Dave Ramsey would not approve. then again, Dave Ramsey was not feeling my claws on his legs when i went to bed. Cutsthesheetsasaurus Rex was out, in full effect! BA came down and helped HM put the floor down in the baby's room. i'm really glad BA's able to help him with all this stuff. as i said earlier, i'm pretty much useless. the floor looks really good!!

sunday - baby shower! yay!! oh yeah, i was supposed to go for pregger pics in the morning. didn't happen. it was not a good day for shooting. and ohmigod, after i saw what i looked like in the shower pics... ew. not sure i want pregger pics taken now. hopefully, SBW would do a much better job of getting my "good side". so back to the baby shower... it was so cool seeing everyone that still cares about me and Baby Will and HM. i didn't even cry. shocker, i know! but i didn't. i got the high chair and the play pen and all kinds of clothes that probably aren't gonna fit him. we got a swing and a bouncy chair and a boppy pillow. all very cool stuff! i'm so glad they did that for us. and it was so much better than the boring office showers anyways!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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