Wednesday, August 22, 2007

what i've been doing the last week or so

so, i've been keeping pretty busy. i got really excited about a new project and now it is completely consuming all my time. in the last week, i've been to Hobby Lobby and/or Michael's no less that five times each. i even made S1 go with me, once, but that was for something else altogether that i can't even remember now. sidetrack much? (update: it was for coin purses)

i saw Hairspray, The Movie. very cute. i think Amanda Bynes is just too cute in anything. and Christopher Walken... how can you go wrong with anything Christopher Walken-related?? cute songs, cute kids, and i loved that Michelle Pfeiffer played her character so well.

i made flyers and fake money for a co-worker's daughter and her venture into school politics. she's running for Treasurer. they came out alright. her mom is really diggin' em.

also, Woz came over and made us finally do something with our office. SUPER EXCITED! she is such a lifesaver. really! i can now move all my craft stuff upstairs, set up the printer upstairs, and we're putting a desk together for the extra pc i have. this is the pc for guests so they don't MESS UP MY LAPTOP AGAIN, ROB! ;-) a table is going in there for when me and the kids work on projects. OH, and the best part... get this!... we think there may be extra space behind the closet! say, if we punched a hole in the wall, there would be a whole other room! okay, not that big, but at least five more feet, maybe...? i think we're going to try and tackle that, after the Labor Day holiday.

so that's it. tonite, i'm going to Grandma's to get some of her cast-off's for another project. and Thursday, Woz is coming back over to finalize the office. i think we're gonna tackle what got shoved into the closet. something about her really gets me motivated to do stuff. i don't know what it is. whatever it is, tho, it's working and it's getting things done!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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