Monday, June 16, 2008

weekend update/recap

friday - so, all went as planned. Woz came over and we watched a move... okay, so that wasn't part of the plan, but come on... she's never seen Girls Just Want To Have Fun! it had to be done. and i'm just that ghey that i had it DVR'd. man, i wanted to be Helen Hunt's character so bad. Lynne Stone was so cool. how many people can pull off dinosaur barrettes? i can't imagine many.

also, HM saved our house. apparently, when the cable guy came out back in January, he stepped on something that stopped something else that caused something to fill up with water and then proceed to drip down our walls and onto my head while going up the stairs. he went up to the attic and found everything and fixed it. he rules!

saturday - we got up and went to [dun-dun-dunnnnnnn] Wal-Mart. we needed more snaps before we started. we worked our butts off. we got about 40-ish tube bracelets made and even did some rings. the rings were screw up's but i gotta say, they were kinda cute. Woz was so proud of herself for thinking of them. no waste!

we even had time to make some hard "wear". i made a necklace out of hex nuts and wire... looks cool. i also made a bracelet out of S-hooks and copper wire. way cool! i'm wearing it today. Woz made quite a few necklaces with the hex nuts and embroidery yarn. they looked really neat. seriously, we were up late.

[stop reading dad]

on a side note, all the snap punching really flexed a muscle and made my right boob hurt! like, really hurt! i couldn't even move in bed last nite. i'm thinking i'll use my left hand next time and see if that works out the muscles in my left boob. if i keep this up, there may not be need for a lift after all! =)

[continue reading dad]

sunday - after calling my daddy to tell him HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!, i went to the island for some bike riding. i met a group of friends who call themselves "drunks on bikes". no, seriously... they yell it out while riding past people. i wasn't drunk and we were honestly, barely on our bikes. they have a good time with it.

came home and hung out with HM for a while.. we had dinner and i definitely needed to shower. it was an early nite. until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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