Wednesday, July 23, 2008

tired of being tired

okay, when am i supposed to get any energy back? i'm being told that the baby is sucking everything out of me right now and i need to get the rest i'm wanting. i am just TIRED! this does get better, right? second trimester, maybe?

yesterday, i stayed home to get our glass repaired. there were so many things i wanted to do... needed to do. what did i do? i slept. i worked my required hours and then i was OUT. i kept saying i would get up and shower at this hour. or maybe this hour. eh, i'll shower at that hour. i finally showered at 5:30, which still gave me time to get dinner on the table. and a good dinner it was! i'm such a good wife. i made pork ribs with a really good rub and pineapple glaze... YUM! HM really liked them. he usually says he likes what i cook the day of and then the next day tells me the truth. but this time, he really did like them. he told me he doesn't say anything because although he doesn't always appreciate the flavors, he always appreciates the effort. i'm not sure how to take that.

in order to get some endorphins moving, i'm attempting to walk the boys after dinner. i don't like going alone. i got HM to walk to the mailbox last nite, but that was it. i've heard walking was the best thing for an easier delivery. is that really true? cuz if it is... we seriously need to be doing some serious walking!!

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