Friday, February 15, 2008

my birthday - in pictures

Frisky, Woz, half of BA, and ET
ET, Philo, BA
BA & me, Albert, Pollie
Philo & Woz, HM & Frisky, Tong
Durty, HM, Philo
WUS boys, WUWU08, AlyCat
Little Leah, WUS's, KokapelliMeganator and the awesome cake she made me!
flowers from Papatom & Mamalane =)

my husband also is putting shelves in my office closet, i got an authenticated autographed Rocky II poster, signed by Sly, Paulie, Adriaaaaaaan, and Apollo Creed! he also got me a dremel workstation i have yet to use. gimme a break, i'm still on meds from the now going on 30 day illness!! NOT EVEN KIDDING!

i plan on spending all week in the office next week. after he gets the shelves up, i'll have plenty to do and organize and maybe post pictures of stuff i've made and will be making, to sell, on etsy.

1 comment:

Veronica said...

Oh great!! Pics of all of your friends and not even one of your family that was there for your party!! Also, you're very welcome for the b-day gift I gave you...