Thursday, February 04, 2010

we leave tomorrow!

we are ready to go. i already miss my Monkey and we haven't even left yet. there were a few topics i wanted to go over this week but every time i thought of one, i didn't write it down and now i've forgotten.

i do remember one was to talk about how my little explorer is moving around a lot more now. he's figuring out the mechanics of sliding doors... clapping and dancing along with music (so cute when he does that)... saying mamamamama... and taking a lot more steps!

this weekend the Monkey will be breaking up his time between the grandma's. two nites with Mamalane and two nites with Nana. what can i say? i got a popular kid. packing for him was harder than packing for myself. good god, this kid needs a lot o' stuff!

i'm kinda just rambling at this point. i need to get some sleep. it's 10:00 now and our flight is at 6:40am!

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