Monday, February 01, 2010

weekend update/recap

friday - had dinner with Nana. we weren't in a real rush to get home, but i was starving, so she fed us. by the time we got home, there was a little playtime with Daddy then off to bed.

notice, i have nothing else to say unless it involves the kid. you don't wanna hear about my day at work. trust me.

saturday - we were stuck inside all day. nasty weather makes for a really long day with baby. so, we played chase and attempted more signing and i swear he said, "Mom"! we had a good time.

sunday - Monkey and i planned on going out to the WUWU, but it was way too cold to get him out of the house. i went alone. as much as everyone was happy to see me, they were equally upset they didn't get to see him. that was the whole point of going, after all.

since he wasn't there, i helped out. Pollie is getting her share of bananas so i better be tasting some banana nut bread in my near future. it's a passing tradition. the shelters won't accept any of the fruit so we all divvy it up. i made out like a bandit, this year - animal crackers, two loaves of bread, hot dog buns, two crates of bananas, other stuff to snack on for the year!

oh, and p.s. - he took more steps! he's on his way. just a matter o time before he's running away from mommy kisses. =(

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