Friday, January 29, 2010

one trick pony

okay, so he took a few steps. he's done. no more. Nana brought him home last nite and though we didn't really try to get him to walk, he sure as heck wasn't doing it on his own!

at one point, right before dinner, he was standing in front of the island and i was by the sink. i asked him to come to me but he clung to Daddy's legs instead. his safe zone of sorts. any time we play peek-a-boo in the kitchen, it's Daddy's legs he hides behind.

i'm sure he doesn't understand the concept of "hiding" just yet. it's so cute, though. he thinks if you can't see his eyes, he's hidden. his whole body is gone. like, "poof", it's magic. you can't see me. when in all actuality, he's just right inside the doorway, blocking my way to the restroom.

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