Sunday, January 10, 2010

new year, new site

Happy New Year to you all. All two of you who regularly read this, that is. we have a new site. you can now find all our info in one place - it'll change up a bit, here and there. i'll add some more stuff, but for now, you can see our flickr pics, my tumblr, yourdailywill, videos, and sunburn alley on facebook all in one place. the videos may be a bit wonky, until i can get them all crossed over.

this blog ( will not be linked from the new site, however. it was started for my dad and will stay for my dad.

in other news, i know i haven't posted since before Thanksgiving. there's been a lot going on. we lost the family matriarch when Granna passed away. it is very upsetting to me that Will will never know her. she was a strong woman with a lot of spirit. sure, he'll know her from pictures, but she was so much more than a picture could ever convey. a force to be reckoned with is what i liked to think of her as. and always spoke her mind.

i will definitely put more effort into posting more. i have so many stories. so many pictures. so many milestones Will has hit. this little boy who has brought so much sunshine to my life. how ghey am i? lol

we're right now at the edge of walking. he's standing for more than 10 seconds at a time, but he's still afraid to take that first step. and at this point, he's figured out he can get there faster if he crawls! more on Will, later. for now, i'm going to bed. it's 10:00pm and already two hours past my bedtime.

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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