Monday, January 18, 2010

weekend update/recap

so this weekend was pretty uneventful until Sunday. we didn't do much of anything at all, Friday. i picked up a pretty sleepy and cranky baby, but that's about it. always fun.

saturday - we were supposed to have a play date with a few of the mommies. cancelled. not because of me or my kid, but cancelled none the less. it worked out for us anyway. we went to Hobby Lobby for last minute "charm party" stuff then headed up to meet Woz at Berryhill.

it was good catching up and planning out the events that would unfold on Sunday. of course, now that we have a kid, there's really no use in "planning out" anything because (A.) you will never be there on time or (B.) you do not have enough energy to try to be there on time. my kid slept late and i wasn't waking him up. more on that later.

saturday evening - i headed out to Babies-R-Us for a new car seat. my Monkey is getting VERY uncomfortable in his seat... all stuffed into it. poor thing. so i got him the My Ride 65 convertible, because he still has to face backwards. i didn't get him the one i wanted, because we would have to order it and i don't think he would last another day in his old one. i didn't wanna wait. the My Ride is nice. it looks like a mini lazy boy for the back seat. plus, it has cup holders! not that he cares. he's cool with throwing his bottle across the back seat or shoving his snacks under his pants. not that he does that on purpose (the snacks that is. i think he totally knows what he's doing with that bottle), but that's where they all seem to end up. we have a car with a kid in it... and it shows!

sunday - marathon day! we're going to see "Uncle Monkey" aka BA run the Houston Marathon. the marathon start was at 7am.... pa-shuh! right??? Monkey slept late and momma slept right along with him. when we got up, i really didn't want to rush him. i thot we could wing it until nap time then he'd sleep on the way.

so i made my boys some pancakes and strawberries for breakfast. Monkey loves him some strawberries! we ate, got ready and got on the road. nap time. damn, i'm good. =)

we got to the finish line about an hour early so we walked around for a bit. checked out everything going on. Monkey was having a blast. you wouldn't know it by looking at that always serious face, but he was. trust me. plus, he was on Daddy's shoulders and he LOVES that!

we got to see BA cross the finish line! YAY!

afterwards, we met Frisky and Albert & Shannon out for lunch. that was fun and a whole 'nother story. man, i love my friends!

until next time, i'm sweet t and you're not.

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