Tuesday, January 26, 2010

how charming of you to say

so i had my charm party. two mommies showed up. S1, Princess, and Mom were there also. though i expected more people, it was perfect. it was still fun and i learned more about another mommy, J. apparently, we went to the same high school (11 years apart, but whatever) , i know her cousins, her cousins were living in my hometown for a while (weird).

i think it was fun. and it was cool watching Princess help S1 and her Nana with jewelry making techniques i had taught her. i think mine came out the cutest, of course. but you wouldn't know this because i forgot to take pictures of everyone else's! i had my camera out and forgot. DOH! i really wish i had remembered. they were all so cute. and the charms were all really cute. they all brought some really cute ones.
we had:
  • hot red lips
  • engagement rings
  • various metal hearts
  • red "be mine" and "kiss me" hearts
  • lock and key charms
  • album cover charms
  • shrinky dink ipod charms
  • red/pink/blue heart beads
  • and monkey faces (those were mine)
though many people didn't show, i'll do it again. maybe for Halloween. that would be cool! just think of all the charms for Halloween!! next time i'll do an evite, though. invite friends outside the mommy group just so there's a good mix. nothing against the mommy group... i just didn't know that kind of thing was allowed. i know better now.

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