Monday, January 11, 2010

one step beyond

he took a step! okay, he took two steps with the same foot and he was kinda going in a circle... does that count?

my Monkey wants to walk really bad. he's standing for longer periods of time now. he's even squatting and getting back up without holding on to anything. he'll be walking by next month, i'm sure. for a while there, i wasn't so sure. he was cruising along like he wanted to walk but then decided he would get there faster if he crawled. my kid's smart like that.

he's still not signing, but then again we're not being real diligent about teaching him. we really need to be. i'm going to see if he'll sit with me after dinner and watch the little "learn and sign" thing Uncle Psycho and Aunt F gave him. because now it's just pissing me off, reading other "mommy" blogs and their kids are signing at 10.5 months. that should be my kid! =)

1 comment:

Veronica said...

forget signing! teach him to speak!!! lol