Tuesday, August 22, 2006

we're gonna zoomah zoomah zoomah zoom!

let's all thank steph for getting this damn theme song stuck in my head. thaaanks steph!

two things about this video... i especially like the latino style music they play while introducing luiz. also, that they played whimsical music while bernadette was doing her "weird arm thing", like it was something magical. well, when i was 7, it was. i remember wishing i had something that could rewind the tv so i could see it again and do it just as good. that thar folks is called DVR to you and me, nowadays. not that i would know... i still have just a VCR. =( but i've heard tale of it.

enjoy the video. and may you have endless zoomah zoom zoom's stuck in your head today.

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Adrienne said...

So Where Are They Now?

"Hi, I'm Maura. I just found religion after my debilitating addiction to meth."