Tuesday, August 08, 2006

what does my trainer know?

when i first started working out, i took it upon myself to do my warm-up cardio on the treadmill. apparently, that wasnt' good enough for my trainer. she told me that the treadmill was not allowed (apparently, it's not a good enough workout) and that i would have to do the elliptical instead.

i can't help but wonder if she would let me back on the treadmill if i worked out like these guys....


Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the no-treadmill rule - were you walking or running? The elliptical always shows that I've burned more calories, but a run on the treadmill has me red-faced and sweating like no other..!

islebehere said...

uhm...first off, i don't run.

secondly, you can get just as good a workout, power walking.

third, there are different muscles used between walking and running. i wanted to target the ones that are used when not running. =)

oh, and lastly... shin splints! need i say more?